The Man Who Didn't Want To Become President


You Americans are so lucky. No, wait, maybe it's not luck; maybe it's that you finally will be rewarded for all the bad presidents you've suffered through since FDR, with the possible exception of JFK.


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I have no love for Trump, and that's no secret; he's also not the man I allude to in the title of this post, as Trump very much DID want to become the Commander in Chief. But, I also often point to the fact that there is no more left-right political divide among the voters; the real divide is, and always has been, the one between the rich and the poor, between the haves and the have nots. Professional politicians, whatever they may be, are masters at obscuring that real divide by focusing the public's attention to everything else, to all other lines that could divide us; are you pro choice, or are you pro life, are you for or against unrestricted gun-ownership, are you for or against same sex marriage? Both left and right are guilty of this smoke and mirrors game, presenting a political spectrum along the lines of social justice, distracting us from the economical justice that supersedes all of the above, although it could easily be argued that the left is more guilty of this.

That's because it is the political left that has forsaken its true calling, not only in America, but all over the world; leftists have adopted the Third Way, a position akin to centrism that tries to reconcile right-wing and left-wing politics by advocating a varying synthesis of center-right and centrist economic platforms with some center-left social policies. The Overton window has shifted sharply to the right as a consequence, so much so, that FDR would be painted a radical socialist in today's political climate; the neoliberal ideology that's been pushed since the 1980s will not suffer any policy that reeks of income- or wealth redistribution. Well, FDR still is the most popular president ever in the U.S., being re-elected three times with his highly popular New Deal; popular with regular folk that is, the haves hated his policies and started dismantling all he had achieved for the working class as soon as he died in 1945.

Trump picked up the ball where the left and the right had dropped it; he addressed the working class directly and promised them that he would "drain the swamp", bring back jobs, and vowed that he was not "one of them" who had been screwing over the working man and enriched the not working billionaires. You know I, and many others, don't think much of this man; he has no tactful bone in his body, can't string together a paragraph of meaningful text, has all the hallmarks of an authoritarian narcissist dictator and empowers racists and bigots with his rhetoric. But he is very good at some other things; he's a master when it comes to "read a room" and he knows how to effectively communicate what the working class wants, no, NEEDS to hear right now. He won't go over some complicated history as to why working people find themselves in their current predicament, but instead delivers one-liners that say it all. "We used to build things in this country..." That's brilliant and needs no further explanation. "China is bad, very bad..." America is under threat of losing its leading position in the world economy, and that's bad. "We will build a wall..." I've made fun of this on multiple occasions, as did many others, but this simple and unrealistic one-liner speaks directly to the concerns of many working people, however disingenuous in its premise.

Although Trump is still rather popular in the polls, I believe many Americans are beginning to see that he isn't the outsider he claims to be. That he is on the wrong side of the class divide, and that he's not the one to drain the swamp. He just wanted to become president and told you whatever you needed to hear, and he did it skillfully. So, why do I say that Americans are so lucky? That's because there's another outsider, another man who's willing to speak truth to power, willing to take on the billionaire class for the benefit of the working people. Only this man didn't want to become president, which is, in my opinion, the mark of a true man of the people. His name is Bernie Sanders, and I'll explain why he IS "the real deal".

Although he's now running for the second time to become a presidential candidate for the next general election, it could be argued he didn't want to be in that position. I've always maintained that there's nothing wrong with having hierarchical orders within human societies, and that a certain centralization of power is necessary for any society to function at all. It's the kind of hierarchy that matters, and I always make a distinction between a scale of rulers and ruled people, as opposed to leaders and followers; leaders are good, rulers are not. Rulers actively seek power, leaders are thrust upon their throne by their followers; I hope you can feel the difference between the two. In 2016 Bernie did not want to enter the race; he instead asked Elizabeth Warren to take up the fight against Hillary Clinton. It was only after Warren refused that Bernie Sanders took up the fight against the centrist, third way wing of the Democrat party.

Trump won't drain the swamp because he's part of it, and because he wouldn't know how; make no mistake about the power invested in the corporate ruling class that has ruled not only America, but the world since the free market ideology was the only one left after the collapse of the Soviet Union. To drain the swamp it doesn't suffice to conquer the Republicans; you'll have to take on the majority of the Democrats as well. And this again is where Sanders shines by example: for most of his decades long career he was an independent, as he saw his ideology, akin to that of populist greats like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr., represented by neither of the two parties. Sanders is known to have worked with both parties to get things done, and never claimed credit for what he has achieved. I once heard that he even took his name of a bill, simply because it would then have a better chance of getting passed.

To beat the status quo, it's not enough to vote Trump out of office in 2020, or to elect one of the centrist Democrats that are pushed forward by the mainstream media right now. For real change it's imperative that the working people of America elect someone that's truly willing to fight for them, and against the corporate class, against the 1%. That man is, without a doubt, Bernie Sanders. You'll see it in the mainstream media, as he's simply ignored by them; he polls best in all early states, has the most individual donors and they're all from the working class, he is the one who wrote the medicare for all bill, and I could go on and on and on. All his proposals poll as extremely popular, yet the media will paint him a radical, a socialist, a Utopian dreamer. Bernie voters will be called sexist for not choosing Warren, who's proposals look very much like Bernie's, but simply do not go far enough. Bernie swears to do everything possible to take money out of politics, one of the greatest sicknesses of democracy, where Warren says nice words, but won't denounce super PAC's outright. We can't trust Warren as she's proved to be willing to lie, even about her heritage (see the "Pocahontas" scandal), where Bernie has been steady as a rock for four decades.

In recent interviews Bernie showed just how much a man of the people he is, and how well he understands the magnitude of the fight that lays before the American people. He says that he, if he's elected the next president of the United States, will not just be the commander in chief, but that he will be the organizer in chief. He knows that he won't be able to pass the bills he wants to pass on his own, and that he will have to fight a big part of the Democrats as well; his motto has been "Not Me, But Us". Bernie will rally the people to put pressure on Democrats who are not willing to align to the will of the people by rallying the people in their states to protest and strike if necessary. He knows who the enemy is, and how difficult it will be to correct decades of politics aimed at enriching the upper class at the expense of everyone else. And if that's not enough, he also said that part of the annual aid to Israel would possibly be diverted to humanitarian aid for the Palestinians in the occupied territories; that's Political Courage with capital letters! But also a sure way to get maligned by the mainstream... This man, who didn't want to become president in 2016, but almost won the primaries back then (and many still believe he would have had a much better chance against Trump), is not only America's best bet for some much needed change, but the world's best bet for a better future.

How Bernie Sanders’ Role as ‘Organizer-in-Chief’ Would Facilitate Passage of Progressive Policies

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Bernie Sanders had a golden opportunity to be a hero but instead he sold out. He took Clinton's money and ran. First thing he did was buy a $600,000 mansion shortly after selling out. Now after 3 years he has 3 mansions and is worth over $3,000,000 and then has the audacity to lecture you about income inequality. You can't get rich in politics unless you are a crook. Plus the man is a sell out to Big Pharma and supports vaccines mandated by law at gun point just like the Nazi socialist he is.


Him and his wife together bought a 525k fairly modest vacation home. They reportedly purchased the house by the wife selling a family home from the 1900s, Bernie's book advance, and her retirement.. They also have a modest home in Burlington Vermont, and a very basic Row house in Washington DC.. None of these residences are mansions, they have good locations and are smart real estate investments for a politician that is a best selling author and his wife.

Perhaps you should consider a middle class home in the northeast on average is worth well over 200k. Saying that he owns 3 mansions and one was bought with Clinton money is very Fox News for a hippie with a gun..

I'm not touching the vax perspective, but the lavish lifestyle bullshit is erroneous and a net worth of 3 million that includes real estate is in the USA is not outrageous. There are almost 19 million millionaires in the USA. In fact the Sanders family joint net worth is 2 million USD not 3, and a million was made very recently in one fiscal year off a book deal and his salary.

He has been in politics for life and to label him a sell out is preposterous but as my other comment details, most people are uninformed and as the original poster pointed out, it's all too easy to divide and conquer people that allow one position on any given subject out of thousands to sway their opinions into foolish rhetoric.. Case and point, you..


LMAO you lost all credibility mentioning Fox News. All main stream news including fox in fake news. It isn't left vs right it is the state vs YOU! Keep drinking the Kool Aid.


Keep up here, I only said that your assertion sounded straight out of the Fox News play book..

The state? Versus me? Which state? And what niche of truthful reporting are you sourcing anyway? I don't live in the USA FYI and how am I drinking the kool-aid? As if I'm a good tax paying American that contributes a penny directly to that state..

What side did I claim?


You really have no clue, do you? Bernie is worth 2.5 million dollar and 2 of those millions he earned writing books, so your point "can't get rich in politics unless you are a crook" applies to most politicians, but not Bernie. I don't expect a lot of sophistication from "a hippie with a gun", but is common sense too much to ask? I guess so, seeing your Pavlovian reactionary response with the words "Nazi socialist"... You're no hippie my friend, but I'm sure you do have a gun, just to feel save from all the communists rising up all around you ;-)



You fuckers deserved Trump after that HA HA.








Yes I do have guns. To protect myself from everyone and everything. Do no harm but stand your ground! Go live in Venezuela since you love socialism so much. It worked real well for them HA HA. Go live in Chicago since you don't like guns because gun control worked so well there too LMAO... And I'm the one who's clueless!? LMAO your arguments are invalid. Go eat another Tide pod!

I've always been feeling the bern, unfortunately I'm not sure if the American people can deduce what is best for them as a fractured mess of people sharing a tactfully diluted culture of confusion.

My very radical opinion is that it's impossible to govern 50 very different states, each of which are made up of their own unique dichotomy of urban versus rural, affluent versus poor etc ad nauseam.. A complete and drastic overhaul is required and such a prodigious implementation is wildly beyond the scope of any living mortal being.

I will also contend that the core reason that the USA suffers from the majority of its political ills is a well orchestrated program of conditioning that has created a woefully uninformed constituency.. Proof alone is the Americans own inability to agree that FDR and JFK were without question the greatest presidents any living person has seen come into power. The democratic socialism that saved the United States from a complete collapse is now seen as bastardization of the very freedom and fluidity the republic is intended to uphold.

Let me also say I am impressed but not the least bit surprised to be having this discourse with a non American as it is rare indeed that I find a US citizen open minded and competent enough to have such a conversation.. As an under 40 middle class, southern raised Caucasian male I am in the minority that is perhaps even aware FDR was elected to 3 terms and that his relationship with Churchill likely saved the world from the axis powers.

Now an even more interesting discussion is how complicit were these two men in allowing such atrocities to nearly cripple the world? The late involvement of the USA to provide more than arms until the questionable attack on Pearl Harbor along with the United Kingdoms near decade of not taking the 3rd Reich seriously leaves plenty of room for that dirty C word to eek it's way into brave conversations..

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Thanks so much @skramatters, for this great addendum :-) U.S. political history is of interest for all inhabitants of this planet, for all the wrong reasons unfortunately... Let's hope more and more people will "feel the Bern" :-)

Thanks for setting the record "Straight"!
Also Very glad You mentioned the "Warren - Native American" story, but "America" is full of those. As a Native American, you will not believe how many people over the years have told me about the same story. I am just 1 person, if all these stories were true, Native Americans would run this country, yep that bad. And "ANY" Native American over 14 could tell she was lying in the first place.

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Thanks so much for the kind words and support @lesmann :-) I really had no idea it was that bad! But... wouldn't it be something if America really WAS ruled by its native people? How different would the world be right now? How much more balance would there be between us and the rest of nature? Something to ponder indeed... From time to time I like to ponder on "what could have been", and you've just given me a new one. Thanks so much for that my friend! 🙏🏼 😊


Thank You as well!
The other thing to ponder (just a thought, I got to watch the U.S. from Europe for 21 years..). How much "more" peace would be in the World?
I mean The U.S. has been at war "non-stop" since WWII, if there is none, they seek it out...
Just something to think about...
Thank You & Have A Most Blessed Week!

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I love Trump. He is the outsider. That is why thousands of people go to his rallies.


😂😂😂 there you have it

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You're still falling for that? Geez... I've got news for you: Trump doesn't love you. He despises you. To him, you're a useful fool. Unless you're a fellow millionaire or billionaire of course.


You are a fool because all you see are problems without solutions. I'm talking about making the world better. All you can do is yell at me and say that I'm doomed and that there is no hope. That is a lie.


"I'm talking about making the world better." Sure my friend, I believe you. Yet, you normally respond with short phrases that always say the same: "I love capitalism" or "I love Trump". Both are not helpful when trying to make the world better, especially when you leave it at that and don't explain WHY your love for Trump or capitalism makes the world a better place. And that's no lie.


My very long daily posts don't explain what I'm trying to say?