Master Luke Grande



I thought that crying was an exaggeration, but when I saw Master Luke Grande visit our city to train a group of people, (athletes and students), as a father, I understood; that the Chung Do Kwan family in the hyperbole of the celebration, increased the volume in me, because I thought that, in each of them, in the distance, the arms are still extended in fidelity.

The Chung Do Kwan family, where I grew up, where my hands dried my tears, where the embraces conveyed the emotion; Master Luke, I confess that; In my mind came thousands of memories, which also crossed the future. But more than all that, I express that I still think about the Chung Do Kwan family, missing the basic, the forms, the fighting techniques, from my fellow students.




The act of being born; it is the greatness of the mystery of creating, of being created and of building in the upbringing. It's what I understand when I learned Chung Do Kwan from my instructors, I grew up, I learned, but I need to multiply the teachings, it's a cycle that I need to do.

With the Chung Do Kwan Master Luke, I walked through life with fear and courage, I walked without prejudices or shadows; with only one mission; practice until I can meditate without distracting myself, even until I can see and feel nothing, more than my own energy.

Master Luke, that the distance does not disturb the purposes to be achieved, so that the transcendence takes us wherever it wants, and thus the dreams will live to make us happy. We, your children of the Blue Wave School, can embrace ourselves with the unwavering faith that celebrates the success of the 50th anniversary of Chung Do Kwan in Venezuela.

I offer to your health teacher Luke Grande. Brotherly embraces to the Chung Do Kwan family.


Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

Photos: Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan / Luke Grande Foundation

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