Alex Jones Inforwars cancelled by YouTube Now on Bit chute

3년 전

Last time, I checked Alex Jones was cancelled on YouTube the reason why is because of the strikes on the channel and the racy content.

Is it bad he did not come to us Yes we would have taken his channel and put a disclaimer at the bottom as we would on any channel like his..

Alex Jones was last seen on the Meghan Kelly interview and he could not answer the questions about the people being paid actors and the parents being upset about his controversial comments things seemed to go down hill for him soon after he also has divorced his wife due to her not wanting to continue with his self serving attitude toward marriage

Alex Jones was a inspiration because he built his business on his own on YouTube and now he his hosting with Bit chute only so what does that tell you about the way of YouTube ?

It tells you that NO one needs them truly they are good to get started but even as i learned running advertisement's its hard to get even a rappers video to be promoted.

Next we have the whole Sandy Hook thing not sure why he thinks the way he does but he had a bruising on the eye like the one Roseann Bar had this may be off topic but some say he works for the Illuminati now but that's hearsay,the issue with YouTube is they are TV now and if Alex Jones is kicked off dont be surprised if you will be next or not.

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