One day with my father and even more on my pope's birthday

4년 전

Good to the whole family steemit I hope you are all right today to share a birthday of my dad which one of the beings that I love the most in this life we ​​had thanks to God we had a great time in a very spectacular place as it is in the valley of Merida in a tourist center called La Aldea with spectacular cabanas and a heated pool because what you do is a very good cold in that place

Of course I could not miss the barbecue and my dad and roasting the meat hahahahahahaha

my parents with my son in the pool enjoying

already ready the grill to enjoy it as a family and then I am very good to my husband because the grill was pork, meat, chinchurria and smoked sausage that brought from Colombia what they call the best brewer hahahahahaha

We spent very bein thanks to God here a photo of the tourist place I hope if they have a chance to go it will be spectacular ...

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