Brand New Original Video: Check out THIS Creative Way for COPS to Steal EVEN MORE of Your Money!!

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"The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable." - Sun Tzu

Popular opinion says that the police are there to "keep you safe from harm." Yet, more often than not it is THEY who are the ones doing the HARMING. Whether they're beating some guy for not stepping out of his vehicle in a timely manner, shooting and MURDERING a young man in an Arizona hotel hallway because he didn't follow the commands of his aggressor fast enough or issuing an expensive ticket for transgressing the command of some political parasite, cops are too busy "harassing and collecting" from you to "serve and protect" you.

Now, add this stupid and expensive "law" to their list of revenue-generating insanity!

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😮 WOW ⁉️What a bunch of shameless thieves . Even more reason to get rid of many of them .

I followed you on Youtube a long time ago,, I never expected to find you in Steemit.
I love your videos about TV and to what extent everything could be fake on it

So the man in the dark costume who is there to protect and to serve the people ends up legally obligated to be source of the crime he says he is preventing! This sounds like something that could only happen here in NYC, but they must not have been smart enough to come up with that law here yet.

@highimpactflix Best thing is to stay out of their way. Talk about organized crime 🧐 Best wishes to you ! (Positivity all day).

And on top of that you have to pay court fees if you loose. It is theft.

I followed you on YT Channel. We (Your fan's) waiting for new content :)

I got a ticket the other day because I haven't received enough tickets in the past. We all have to do our part. ( <-- Complete BS, but that kind of craziness is here!) Do a search for "Civil Asset Forfeiture"

To Protect and Serve --aka-- To Abuse and Extort

I'm not a big fan of government(s). The only things that they are good at is taxing people to death, and just murdering them outright via war! Oh, and propaganda, they can spread the bullshit better than anyone!

Here in the USA Cops use asset forfeiture laws to take more than is actually stolen by thieves. Thats right, cops steal more than robbers in the USA.

Here in the Philippines, cops are killing more than 13,000+ people. They are the murderer. They plant evidence. Thanks to our President. He gives a signal to kill and plant some pieces of evidence!

(Upvoting this comment will help street children of Manila, Philippines this Christmas season) Docu here:



We All need to wake up to the fact that there is no government in this world that is not corrupt in some way shape or form. The worst thing they do is try to scare everyone into thinking that they are the only ones who can save us, or protect us, when in fact they are the ones creating all the problems they want us afraid of.
We all need to wake up, to the corruption all around us, all around the world.
As Far as I am concerned the meaning of Life is Love and Kindness. Just one, small act of kindness can have huge rippling affects that may have never even been intended. The Deepest Dark is Broken by the Smallest Light.

güzel kanal youtube'da takip ediyorum. başarılı ekip

This is really an eye opener

Another wonderful video. Thank you and upvoted. We have to live under the mafia's rules it seems like.

Good points......

Your videos get people thinking, and when they start thinking, they start awakening. Keep them Coming!

Basically a "legal" protection racket... thanks for posting videos getting awareness of this out. The more people who wake up to their own Stockholm Syndrome, the quicker this protection racket ceases to be relevant to the public.

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In my opinion rules are there to find a way to live in a community with millions of different people with different norms and values. Fining people is an effective way of harming people by taking their money for acting against the national standards. And yes, some police officers act against their purpose and against the "book" they have to follow and this can result in "harassment and collecting" but police officers are people as well, and if they step a side from the "book" (terrible and discussable) mistakes can be made, however, sometimes positive results can follow as well, and I think we should focus more on the positive acts or otherwise how improvement can be made. They're only human. In every country the level of authority abuse is different of course, and I maybe not have the right to speak dealing with the Dutch cops who often can be seen as helpful and friendly.


How about the fact that MOST of the rules are immoral and they are there to generate revenue from peaceful people.


Speaking of Stockholm Syndrome. :/