Tattoos are like drugs - Soo Addictive !!!


When I was young I always wanted to get inked. Looking at my uncle who had tattoos on his arms and back I always wondered how it was possible to to create a beautiful art on a human skin with just needles and ink. I remember asking him if it would come out with few wash. Surely I was young and had no knowledge as to what getting inked was all about.


I grew of in a Zoroastrain family where getting a tattoo is forbidden in our religion. But still didn’t stop me for getting my 1st tattoo which was a Asho-Farohar, also known as Faravahar. The Faravahar is one of the best-known symbols of Zoroastrianism. Luckily I have an amazing supportive family who supported me with my decision. In fact my father thought of getting on done too, but that never happened.

It was a big tattoo on my back. And As it had a lot of intricate details, it took over 2 days to get it completed.


My second tattoo was never planned. I was out with my friends partying and having a good time when we started discussing about getting inked and I got soo pumped that I wanted to get something inked right away. But before you start judging me that I just got any random tattoo inked on me, no that’s not true. I always wanted to get an Infinity sign with FAITH it in and so I exactly knew what I was gonna get inked.

It took less than an hour for the artist to design & get it inked on my wrist. It was one crazy experience.


The third tattoo is very special to me. It’s very close to my heart (for real hehe). It is a beautiful anchor inked on my left chest. As I run a yacht charter company, Yachts and sailing boats have become a part of my life and my identity. It took us an hour or two to finalize on the design of the tattoo and we were ready to go get my chest inked.

About 6 hours into getting inked, my anchor tattoo was ready and was a masterpiece right on my chest. Whenever I look at this tattoo I get a huge smile on my face.

Getting inked I have realized that it is never enough. One you get inked you start thinking what to get next. It is like a drug, you need more and more. But let me tell you few very important points that I follow when I get inked.


Please select a reputed artist, he/ she might be expensive than others but remember it is a life time investment you are making with a permanent art. Please don’t go cheap on it. Also please don’t get inked just for the sake of it. Your tattoo needs to hold some value for you. Needs to have a story behind it. Something that will be cherished by you for life time.


Getting inked is painful but as they say, “no pain no gain.” I love tattoos and I am already planning my 4th one. Will write about it the day I get it done. Do share you tattoo pins in the comment section. Cheers :)

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Those are some killer tattoos

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work


Thank you soo much.. already planning my 4th tattoo 😁

Hey crazysailor! Please subscribe and then post to the ecoTrain community page to be seen and get our continued support.. Communities have changed things a bit.. more info linked below.. thanks a lot!.. brave man, i have One small tattoo,, that was painful enough!


Hey @eco-alex .. thank you for sharing the link. I will subscribe and follow right away. What tattoo do you have? Plan to get another one anytime soon ? :D

Thank you for all your support. And thank you once again for showing me the right direction. Cheers :)


i got this tiny one on my ankle.. Its like an angel with wings.. my X wife got the same.. its cute..


Wow.. that sounds cute .. couple tattoos are amazing :)


yep.. the marriage didn't last, but the tattoos did.. we both kept em;-)



Sorry abt it. Cute tattoo.. yes they do last forever :)

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