Let's make a deal | You retweet and I'll give you my post rewards

2년 전

OCD and CreativeCoin are organizing an #Inktober 2019 Event and we need your help to reach out to other artists!

Give us a hand and retweet this Tweet:


If you can quote the tweet by adding some encouragement for artists potentialy seeing it, it's better!

Comment here with your Twitter username and by the end of the week when this post pays out, I'll transfer the post payouts equally to the usernames on the comment section (that I can prove they are the same person retweeting and commenting here).

Thanks so much for your help!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Resteemed and reTweeted, but I don't want any of the rewards :)

This is a great way to attract artists to join the steem blockchain, creative makers must join.
Here is my Twitter username; @iqbaladan.

Great initiative! Retweeted @nextgen622

Here my contribution Screenshot_2019-10-03-18-25-30.png

Great idea. Retweeted @Abdexinho on Twitter

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My twitter username is @EbukaNnabugwu

My twitter username is @dazzling-being


This is a great idea! Shared. Here's a screenshot of my last two tweets... one just for laughs. ;)

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 2.31.45 PM.png

Send my rewerd to @steem.dao or @null


Twitter Username: @CryptoDickson

Done. I'll also try to invite a couple of artists from Instagram.

Great initiative for artists to share our work. Best regards friend.

Cool awesome initiative to get creative post coming in. Retweeted.


Here is my contribution.. Thanks for this initiative.. Really good opportunity for artist to earn some rewards by sharing their creative work..


Retweeted @peising at twitter

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Thanks. Retweeted with comment. Hope we get to see great works of art. Maybe it can also be used as design on Tshirts.

done...same username there as here- @arsenic_lullaby


Here's my twitter resteem --> https://twitter.com/tegoshei/status/1180351672670834689

I have retweeted this before, but retweeted again... lol... I didn't know about this post.. haha xD

Here is the screenshot for my tweet.

tweet for inktober.PNG

I cannot draw myself, but have about 600 artists on one of my lists on twitter. User name there is @FitinfunSharon

Retweeted from twitter.com/aspiretowander :)


My Twitter handle: @bookoons


Link to tweet https://twitter.com/slimkells/status/1180545342804238338?s=19

Not just onboarding new users we need new and more buyers as a high price of steem will attract alot of people to the blockchain

Done. My Twitter user name is @yagguaraparo

Ok. Gonna flex my twitter account again.
Am not a twitter fan but will do it for this big boy.

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Hi, here is my tweeter account @chrisrael7
and proof of works
Thank you.


Used the #sexforgrades because it's trending here now

My twitter username is the same as here @jeffjagoe...
let's hope this will onboard some new artists!

Retweeted @itrmarcusliew in twitter

I'm too late for the payout thing, but thought I'd add mine here anyway