Inktober day's 16 and 17 combined "Angular Swollen"

3년 전

Today our witch is encompassing two words, carrying the weight of two days of inking.


The Entire Piece:
Enchantra felt her new familiar, in it's curvilinear line of feather and form, was the perfect counterpoint to her love of Angular design in her new frock.

However, Mr. Pickles, the old fat family familiar, was rather dampening her style in all his Swollen glory.

Obviously, today's drawing is combination of two day's words: Angular and Swollen.

I was remiss to have to bow out of yesterday's inking and in fact also on Steemit altogether. I am playing a precise balancing act this month, trying to continue current projects, pack for a big holiday, and also keep to my inking schedule as much as possible.

I felt bad not being able to read and comment on many of you yesterday.

But, alas, errands and such kept me out of the house most of the day. And I really felt the lack of getting to finish a piece. There are very few days that I am not making art, but some days it just cannot be helped. I did sketch a bit in my little pocket journal whilst waiting at the bank, getting foreign currency. One tries to stay busy.

I have much more on plate today as well, but the weather is wonderful so I cannot complain. A cold crisp Autumnal air rich with the smell of wood smoke from chimneys and the fragrant scent of ripening fruit and rotting leaves. It's a fine day to be out and about, even if that outing is more errands.

Now, today's share of a fellow inktoberian, is our good Steemit artist friend, @scrawly. Now @scrawly draws almost every day as it is, but has only bothered to use the #inktober prompt when it fits the words and today we see the prompt word from #drawlloween inspiring our @scrawly so why not go check out this cool happy Gobelin?

Well, if I am to get a chance to visit any of you and see what you are up to today, I had better make this a short one.

I hope whatever you are up to today you are doing it with joy and ease.

And check out my other #inktober posts thus far:

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Great take on swollen, haha :D Too difficult for me!
Well sometimes we have to take a day off the computer (if possible) to keep sane! :D

WOW. Donna...mind boggingly awesome beyond words. xx


Thank you so much @marionbowes! Know I am thinking of you even if I am not 'steemit visitin' of late :)


why thank you so much....and I of you as well. :)))

I think it is absolutely ok to combination two words into one inking. For me angular was a difficult word and I like what you came up with. 👌🏼


As the month progresses, there will be more combo words for me, It just can't be helped but it's also kind of fun to do it too!

Yes, I wanted to approach angular still in the vein of my style and my month's theme :)


Same for me it getting harder to finde some time for inktober 😬

I must say I really like her pose, a natural elegance. Especially the right hand. Out of curiosity - what do you draw with?

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I sketch in pencil irl scan and then ink with an old version of painter using fine point nib ink pen and my cintuiq hd tablet, which I love.

Another great picture from you. Our cat Mildred is similarly 'swollen' :)


Mildred is the best name for a cat, I love it,

Love the dress she's rocking, Donna :) Those 'architectural' designs do have an angular feel to them, and the cat (even if it's a bit fat) is also cute <3 <3 <3

All fantastic work. The one with the little pugs made me laugh.. hehe


You gotta love (and laugh) at a pug :)

you have made some amazing inktober pieces donna! :O so awesome!! :D


Thanks so much, I have been trying to keep up.

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Gooten Morgen, at least here it is. I finally had a bit of time this AM to peruse your newest series here a bit more en' detaile. These are absolutely fantabulous. I've always known you have talents above and beyond, but seeing a series in one place, one after the other really brings out your creativity in idea and artistic fwaalaah involved. And of course, the whimsy we both enjoy so. Though a few are bordering on the, hmm, macabre, maybe, in the spirit of All Hallows Eve. Hope that is not insulting or something of that nature, it's a great thing, of course. I'm amazed at the expression you get out of your witches faces. Jolly good show...which I suppose fits pirates better than witches, but I double suppose both compete wholeheartedly on the front steps of America on a regular basis, thirteen days from now. Oh, how I miss dressing up for this holiday. I really must get back to it one day. I've even won a prize or two over the years ( :

I asked you this in a post earlier, but just wondering, you're not moving back across the giant lake are you? Just a trip for fun or leisure or whatever the case might be? I just hafta know. I've not been called Curious G in the past just because it sounds cool.
Well, hope this finds you happy, if also moving faster than usual. Nothing like getting it all together for a big trip. Exciting and a bit wackou. Take it easy and talk to you sooner than much later. dd

Some great art on display @donnadavisart : this short deadline competition might appeal to you: be interesting to see some more art submissions to the contest> But it is a short deadline now: Hey - @turledancedaily - I can appreciate your cartoon art - I have a contest you might be interested in: with good prizes but with a short deadline on the competition:

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Really admire your consistency. I gave up on Inktober LOL.

so beautiful and nice pose , wow day 17 , :)