The CryptoCatcher⚾️ / Inktober 2019 Day 30 Theme: Catch🤾‍♂️

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Hi Cryptopeeps! Today is Day 30 on Inktober 2019 global art challenge and for the @ocd & @creativecoin Contest based on that, I cartoonized an awesome Steemian..Zachary W. Williams better known as @ackza 😁🖼 trying to catch a SOV Cryptoball⚾️ lol🤣🤾‍♂️

SOV the first self-deflationary token on EOS platform.


Ackza is from San Diego California, he is amazingly Crypto~hardworking and is currently involved on cool Crypto projects! He loves STEEM EOS SAND TELOS PSO PEOS DAPP CHL SOV NDX💙😁 Ackza is catching them all!💸😃


Visit his projects:

Get Paid to live in San Diego!
Post and Upvote Articles about San Diego to get your share of the daily rewards pool.

Powered by Steem & EOSIO. SAND is a Blockchain solution for residents & students of San Diego, CA with the power to make San Diego the smartest city on Earth



Follow Ackza on Twitter:

Take a look👀 at the drawings✒

First I took a pencil and then Ink!✏😉🖋


Go Ackza!🙌


Thanks for stopping by!🤗💬


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So that's what @ackza looks like - he's the one with the frog avatar right?


Lol yep Ackza Pepe🐸

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WOW SO COOL resteemed and upvoted! saw this on Instagram today! This goes right to the top of


Thank you!🙌 I'm happy you liked it!🤗 you're so cool, Welcome!!!

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if u ever need delegation for steempower for new accounts 30SP for 7days use

fresh accounts and or ask me for some INV or links from as many as you need for onboarding san diegans or socal people, ill keep the free instant steem accounts coming! I have over 2000 and i need to use them up fast!

I also need to get more users to create more volume and create a want for sand tokens , the scot tribe isnt enough, ill have to create more of a special partnership with sand, some discounts at local stores, maybe some sort of prizes for sand top holders, something... ill also be using steempower delegation, 100,000 sp soon, for 41 upvotes maybe i can actually get challengedac to just BUY some SP to use to upvote ann #sandiego posts

either way we will get some delegation m, its just $300 for 1 month of 100,000 SP on ... hope i can get it! I think i will also be using some methods to promote steem tribes as a basket, a mutual fund a grab bag of LEO NEOXAG SAND and more...


Sounds cool!! Wishing the best of luck to SAND!👍😉🍀

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Like a Pokemon master, he's catching them all! Hah! Love the drawing.


Ahahhh he is on fire!😃🔥🤹‍♂️

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Thank you so much!!!🤗🎉

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