OCD and CreativeCoin - #Inktober 2019 Event

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Welcome to OCD and CreativeCoin #Inktober 2019 Event!

Recognizing certain key events is a mark of a thriving platform and here at OCD/CreativeCoin, we are excited to encourage, promote, and reward quality engagements! From year to year, the annual event known as #Inktober has grown to be a global phenomenon and with it, artists from all over the world come together for an entire month of October to create. In turn, this creates a surge of energy, of excitement, and of activities across all the social media platforms.

We would like Steemit’s visibility to rise through this event by encouraging participation and cross-posting of contents through artists’ external blogs.


What is Inktober?

Simply put, it is a challenge to all artists to draw every day for 31 days in the month of October. The drawing should include Inking element but both traditional and digital medias are welcomed. Inktober started in 2016 and it has continued to gain momentum year on year.

This is the official site: http://inktober.com

There is a list of ‘prompts’ that is released every year from the official site. For this particular event, OCD/CreativeCoin will only accepts artworks done with the official prompts.

For 2019, this is the list:

The Event – Daily Rewards !

To participate:

  1. Create drawings using the daily prompts
  2. Post your inktober piece daily on Steemit (or your preferred front-ends)
  3. If you can include the Day number and Prompt word somewhere in your title, that’d be great!
  4. Tag it with #inktober, #creativecoin and #oc
  5. That’s it!

OCD/CreativeCoin curators and judges will then browse the platform every day to collect your entries and winners will be announced daily !

But, wait, there’s more!

  • If you choose to also cross post your Steemit post on your external / other social media and link to your Steemit post, you will have a chance to have an even bigger prize!

Just a couple of rules

  • Only original content (OC) with rightful ownership will be eligible to win. Any drawings that are traced, copied or based off an existing drawing piece can join the contest, but will not be picked as winners.

  • All the posts must include at least one (1) picture of the drawing process with the author's Steem username written on a piece of paper. This is to avoid any controversy and polemic regarding authorship, original content issues and any problem regarding abuse of this contest.


For every day's topic, our judges will pick three winers. Those winners will earn a 40% @ocd+trail vote as well as 200 staked CCC (creative coins).

If a winner also crossposted their art on their other social media, then the prize will be a 50% @ocd+trail vote and 250 staked CCC (creative coins).


Meet your judges for the event :D !

  1. @hiddenblade
  2. @derangedvisions
  3. @isaria
  4. @veryspider
  5. @juliakponsford

The final call depends on the judges and there is no room for appealing on their selections. The judge's criteria to pick the winners will be:

  • Creativity and Originality
  • Presentation
  • Clarity of the theme
  • Overall impact

Final Gallery

At the end of the month, we'll have 93 outstanding pieces that will be part of the Steem's Inktober Art Gallery, more information about that in a few days.

All the liquid rewards from every OCD post related to Inktober will be used for a final surprise at the end of the month, more info about that in a few days. All the Steem Power generated from the posts will go for the judging team, OCD won't keep any rewards from the posts.

Ten percent (10%) of this post rewards will be donated to the Steem DAO.

Good luck everyone! We wish a creative Inking for all the artists out there!

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I am looking forward to seeing all of the amazing work that the community does this month. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Hopefully we can reach as many artists on Steem and outside of Steem!

We made a Tweet about it, anyone who retweets it gets a share of my post rewards! More details here

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Thanks for supporting the artistis, that participate in #inktober. I just don't know how to add a photo "of the drawing process with the author's Steem username written on a piece of paper", when I do digitally inking. Or is this only for artists using traditional ink?

  ·  2년 전

Perhaps then include in your screen your username in one of the layers, take the pic and then remove the layer. Would that suit your process?


Thanks, will try that. (Although digitally adding a username is something anybody could potentially do.)

Does tatooing this picture give any more weight to the entry? :P

  ·  2년 전

Who knows, we'll see what the judges say :P

How is this post worth almost 100 USD? Please explain.


Because it is awesome.


Well, considering the purpose is to engage and reward hundreds across the platform and get them creating new content for the month, ya, that is pretty awesome. Sorry if you don’t think that meets your standards of how cool you feel your posts are, but there are a very large number across this platform that will disagree with you.

Greetings, @ocd. Here's my first entry to this contest. Thanks for promoting art and creativity

Thanks for the post.

That's an interesting event that many artists would love to join. I'm waiting and excited to see the final gallery.

I'm doing Inktober, but my drawings are pretty crap compared to some of the great artists we have on Steem. I hope to see them get more support. I'm promoting this effort on Twitter and will create accounts for people.

The hypocrisy.... “we don’t support bots but if we use them it’s ok”


Yeah, it's so much easier to downvote than to create and promote. Hypocrite curators on a power trip.

Exited to see all the great work that will come from this. I am concentrating another challenge but might do a few of these as well:)

  ·  2년 전

for @ocd


Command accepted!

Hey @ocd, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

This sounds like a fun contest to stretch the imaginations. 😊

@ocd, I know it's specifically for the Drawing Niche. But i am curious to ask, can i post 31 poetry pieces in which there will be mention of Ink?

I want to appreciate these kind of initiatives which encourages Art Ecosystem.

Keep up the good work team and stay blessed.

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  ·  2년 전

You can do it of course, but since the contest is about drawing/painting unfortunately you can't win, but feel free to join!


Thank you so much for your kind response team. I am looking forward to it. Stay blessed team.

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Can I participate with a post in Spanish?


Of course you can.


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@ocd - this is a great creative contest and I'd love to get back to trying some artwork and this contest sounds like a great way to inspire me. However, I just saw it today and the contest rules say you must do an entry for every day. So my question - can I now do a separate post for each of the days so far, or do you have to actually make 1 post every day of the month?


You don't need to post each day. Just create an entry for the days that you are able to participate. We have judged a lot of the previous days already and will be announcing winners for them soon. You can still post previous days if you want to though, but staying current on the days would be the best option as the contest moves forward.


@derangedvisions - thanks for your prompt reply and explanation. That makes perfect sense, and I hope to get some drawing done and some posts made for this contest just for the fun of it and getting back into being a little creative in other ways than just writing.

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Thanks for the upvote. But don't use a bidbot for it. People just get more pissed off about it.


Wow! I guess so. These mofos are cray cray. lol

Sorry buddy. I'd offer to use one on your blog post but yeah. Maybe someday when the heat dies down which might be never. lol

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Are you guys obsessed with the trending page or something?

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why always use the same old picture?

First image is more fitting most of the time.


The post was posted prior to that image being completed and I guess the thumbnail won’t update.

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This :)