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Dandelion ClocksTH.jpg

My 14th drawing for Inktober

For my fourteenth drawing I went with the Inktober prompt suggestion of Clocks. In today's piece cogs form the center parts of dandelion clocks.



I have decided to get out my ink pens and join in with Inktober, you can find more details about Inktober on the website: https://inktober.com/.

Source: https://inktober.com/rules/


Creating my drawing

The piece was created using black drawing ink, a dip pen, paintbrush and wax.


Small metal cogs were used to print the cog shapes, these were then finished by hand using my dip pen and black ink.

The dandelion seeds were added using a dip pen along with outlines on part of the leaves.
Dandelion ClockG.gif

Then areas I wanted to keep unaltered had wax applied over the top, before applying more ink to the paper.
Dandelion Clock2G.gif

I then washed off any excess ink and allowed the drawing to dry. The final stage was to use a dip pen and drawing ink to draw in finer details and outlines.


'Dandelion Cogs'

Dandelion ClocksM.jpg

Ink and wax on paper



If you want to see some of my previous ink illustrations check out DWELLING, an illustrated crime novel collaboration between myself and fellow Steemian @dougkarr, set in New York’s Lower East Side. Dwelling is now available in print and ePub.

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Dwelling available on Amazon

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Wow!!I imagine that image in a futuristic and dystopian story, @opheliafu. In which technology has replaced nature. The idea and the drawing were great! Congratulations


I liked the play between clocks with cogs, and dandelion clocks - blowing away the seeds to tell the time.

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you really have a big fantasy ... from the gears you have pulled out dandelions .... beautiful details

Dandelion clock flowers!
Beautiful and very creative. I also enjoy looking at how you created the artwork ^_^.

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you are great dear friend @opheliafu you always surprise us pleasantly with your creations, excellent representation of the daily slogan
I wish you a prosperous week

Nice, very creative drawing of combination of gear and flower

WOW! a creative experiment! congratulations dear friend

great to know someone else post about dandelions :)