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My 15th drawing for Inktober

For my fifteenth drawing I went with the Inktober prompt suggestion of Weak. In today's piece the burden that is being carried becomes too much, and the figure is left to crawl along the floor. In a gesture of hope the figure has one arm outstretched, reaching forward. Will the journey be completed?



I have decided to get out my ink pens and join in with Inktober, you can find more details about Inktober on the website: https://inktober.com/.

Source: https://inktober.com/rules/


Creating my drawing

I scored into the paper, and then pre-treated the paper with ink and water to create a flow of ink marks across the page. Once the water and inks were dry I lightly sketched my figure onto the paper in pencil.


Using a dip pen and black drawing ink I went over the lines of the figure, and added the square boxes on top of his back.




Ink on paper



If you want to see some of my previous ink illustrations check out DWELLING, an illustrated crime novel collaboration between myself and fellow Steemian @dougkarr, set in New York’s Lower East Side. Dwelling is now available in print and ePub.

Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

Dwelling available on Amazon

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Excellent work, @opheliafu. I don't know if it was on purpose, but the boxes on top of the image on the floor, they look like a human figure from behind! This image also gives the sense of weakness, but another kind of weakness: one that has to do with turning your back on things. I like the whole game of strokes to create the atmosphere of tiredness, but also of effort! sometimes it's not weakness, but a lot of burden! Good Monday.


Yes - I can see that too. Thank you for sharing that, it is always good to see things in my work from a different angle and viewpoint.

Greetings @opheliafu, I have a few days watching your creations but I felt a bit embarrassed to write to you but today I felt encouraged. 😋

Your #Inktober are very creative.

What happened to your Doodledayeo contest, did not you do it anymore?


Hello @yanes94, you can write to me any day- but I'm glad you chose today too :D
I'm pleased you are liking the inktober drawings!
I'm not currently doing the doodle challenges as don't have the time to manage them with my current schedule of work. I would recommend checking out DADA (@dadanyc) if you enjoying drawing with others- and they have daily drawing challenges too.


Thanks @opheliafu I hope that someday you have the time to continue your contest, the DADA page is very interesting I will take a little time and review it 😊
Do you have Discord?

So, today's prompt word is 'weak' I'll have to have a good think on that one.

I like your representational burden here. I think this month feels a bit like this, so I can relate to your little guy, struggling and hoping his projects don't toppple down upon him :)


The half way mark 'struggle' on Inktober!


Oh heavens, you are right, half way...yeesh this month is flying by!

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@opheliafu I really like how you represent the daily slogan, you always find the image that best goes with the theme. Congratulations
thank you very much for letting us know this beautiful work
I wish you a prosperous week