A New Idea For Inktober

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Hey Steem fam! Hope everyone is well. I still don't have wifi at home, and so my internet is my phone, but I just had to share the idea I just had!

You've heard of Inktober, right? Where people do a drawing every day of the month?

Let's make Inktober about showing love to others. This month, I challenge you to write a snail mail letter to someone every day!

You know, these kind!

Now admittedly I don't have 31 stamps right now and I don't always have money to buy more, but I'm going to try to do this. ;)

I did write a letter to a friend yesterday by chance, but if you didn't (as it's 2 October as I write this), you can choose to start now and do 30, or add an extra one somewhere, or whatever! The point is to let people know they are thought of and loved! :)

If you don't know that many people to write, you can always write to people in prison (prison support groups often list addresses online!). Lots of prisoners appreciate that a lot. Maybe you could send Halloween cards to kids you know, or ask a nursing home if any residents might appreciate a pen pal. It's up to you, so get creative!

I am off to write a letter now - let me know if you decide to try this! :)

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That will be hard since I only know 4 people with an address to write ro. I did snail mail before and what others should send me never arrives.

It is the first time I hear about it.

In.the Netherlands it is Stoptober a campagne to challenge smokers to quitt.

Happy day 💕

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Here it's usually about doing a drawing every day; I just thought writing letters would be nice. :)
Would you want to write prisoners letters? Maybe we can share those addresses here as we get them.


@phoenixwren I already write with prisoners. Addresses you can find via write a prisoner.com but I believe the first contact is via email. One I found via WordPress but that is longer ago. What more options do we have? Chain letters are no fun. Perhaps there are organisations who share addresses of ill people or? Penpals are hard to find these days. I could write my kids a letter and put it underneath their blanket or in their lunchbox or?

Saw a drawing with inktober too.❤️

Happy Thursday

This is a great idea Phe <3 I just watched a press conference on RT of Julian Assange's father. He suggested we write to Julian. That he gets and will reply to mail sent to him. Your post is an affirmation of that. Apparently you need to include his prisoner number so I guess I will have to do some internet digging to find out what that is. I still have to get my act together and get your package out! My hand is just so dang sore still writing and typing are not fully comfortable yet. But, it will be in time <3 Have a wonderful day!


Ah, I haven't seen info about writing to Julian, that's cool. Let us know if you find the contact info please?
I didn't know you were sending me a package, thank you! :)
I hope your hand feels better soon. <3