OhLife#12 - Breakable (Digi-Inktober#20)


The only thing I'm proud of today:
My 1st full-colored comic!!!!
:D :D :D
(Pardon the rough finishing! :P)

They're pretending they didn't, Russ-ie.
They didn't wanna offend you.
You looked breakable.


The coloring took the longest!
Well, at least that's what it felt like!
(My video process will show you the truth!)

If there's one thing I learned:
For coloring.
It's harder to capture...
with the "wand."

1Zumba Instructor: Breaaaaak time!!!
Russ: Didn't even break a sweat!
2Russ: It's been too chiiil, this Zumba... I'm not getting my endorphin hit, yo.
3Russ: Let's try parkour!
Message: Failed.
Sound: BANG!
4Russ: Can't stand. Can't run away! Did the ladies see me?

Unedited Video Process

4 hours long. Oh wow.
Will be ready 2 hours after this Steem post is published!

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From Zumba to Parkour ! What an UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT.......


............. hahahaha nice comic, russell :)

Incredibly engaging job m8

Man coloring takes forever always!! But the end result is always worth it!
Ha we've all been in that situation where we do something stupid... Sometimes to impress the ladies... And then they see us and get away from us lol


Yeaaaah, man.
It's quite different, being able to see my comic in full color the first time! (Hoping to up the lineart quality the next time round!)

Oh, yess. The ladies!


well I'm pretty sure you will get better and better each time

Yay!! You did it!! 😊
Ladies like a man who can Zumba hahaha


Ahahaha, lol!
Now I know where to find a woman!?