Ketika Kura Kura Menjawab.

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A fish asks the Tortoise:
"Why every time you have trouble always hiding, get into your shell ...?"

The tortoise replied:
"What is the important question I answer?"

The fish said:
"All the creatures in these waters question your nature that is always hiding if there is a problem!"

The tortoise said:
"Anyone else's comment is important ...?
I did not dodge,
I do not run from reality,
I'm just looking for a more peaceful atmosphere in my seat. "

Fish asked again:
"But do not you care about always being the subject of conversation?"

The tortoise replied:
"This is the reason why I live longer than you.
You are too busy taking care of my life until you forget who you are,
You are too busy looking at me until you forget who you are. "

"In this life we ​​ourselves make the choice,
do your best and let others want to comment anything ".

"The person who likes you will still justify you even if you are wrong,"
"The one who hates you will always blame you even if you are right."

"How much time you wasted just to take care of the lives of others so that ...
you forget yourself when to eat and rest "

"Love yourself with more care for your own business because,
You will be the one who always lacks when you always want to know the affairs of others ".

May we not be fooled by what people say, Be ourselves,
Be a good person....
And keep on doing good 🙏🙏🙏

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