Life story

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life story.
two siblings who again tried to collect the coffers of rupiah coins to membelik clothes Eid clothes that live counting days by way of mebelah pinang to be sold to a traveling agent who every day come to every village to find pinang already in the split, or other type of pinang,


Indonesiathe process of splitting hinga selling time approximately about 3 sampek 4 days first stage must split then in the drying and last in peeled outer skin that is attached to the areca nut,
although the selling price is only 10000 thousand per / kilo they still look it in his garden the number of seeds that must be got to reach 1kg about about 15o pinang seeds, the results are not balanced and so bahanya for them can be their hands are still munggil knocked machetes , they should not do this but the economic crush that forces them to work independently, it is the limitations that make them have to lose their playing time like any other child with all the sufficiency,
no human being wants to be born poor.

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