TRUTH OR DARE #246 - What inspires You?

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TRUTH OR DARE #246 - What inspires You?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a focus or direction we want to follow because it's just so easy to just fall into the state confusion When i talk to people on the street you hear the same questions, like so hows the business on the other blocks it's a very serious business often see boutique owners spying on each others new signs how many monitors they have , i tell ya rat race what rat race it's a friggn marathon lol :))) hope my competitors won't notice cause my little business is built on providing the services they want like promotional bzcards,flyers,signs websites, hosting an support sorta "Johnny on the Spot" lOL :)))

As far as my day job goes i feel it can only get better and a lot of other projects i have going might even be door to a prosperous future for those that have chosen it. The truth people i love inspire me it's always been that way money works yeah but you get tired for love i never get tired. Maybe that's why i do only things that i love and it's a thousand times better when it's out of love, i believe we all experience this because a good comment or gesture is one of the greatest gifts of inspiration you could receive and you should take time to reward yourself with that moment of truth that your ideals,values are true and in return create even more inspiration wow this may never end if it just keeps getting better lol :))).

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 246 - What inspires You?


DARE: Post an inspirational comment! :))

P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
You're the best!little_dog.gif

Thank you @darsico


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HELLO MY FRIEND! :))))) I REALLY MISSED YOU! :))))) MY SINCEREST apologies that I have not been around STEEMIT lately. I hope and pray all is going GREAT for You and I am sure you understand and can resonate why I haven't been around STEEMIT lately. As you know I have been working approximately 13 hours a day. I BEYOND missed your out of this world TRUTH OR DARES and most important YOU! :))))) Life has been eating, sleeping and working. In all honestly I just got home. A little depressed lately due to working so VERY much. Life is way too short and bills just keep coming. But, as you know I always try to stay positive and you bring so MUCH joy into my Life. :))))) You bring a HUGE light into my Life my FRIEND! :)))) I have been thinking of you immensely. I am so VERY tired that it is so hard to type. I get home and I eat, shower and try to get some sleep. It MOST definitely is a Rat Race. :))))) But, things change and I promised myself to find time and to get back into STEEMIT. Thanks so VERY much for adding my out of this World Girl JENNIFER in your out of this World post! :))))) You are the VERY best! :)))) Again, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for not being around lately. I hope and pray that you understand my FRIEND FOREVER! :)))) I ABSOLUTELY love the post and video! :))))) SUCH A HUGE INSPIRING POST! :))))) REALLY MISSED YOU BUDDY! :))))) I need to come up with a out of this World idea, just like Jennifer did in the movie so I could get out of this Rat Race. :))))) Work has been taking so MUCH time from me. This post is making me think out of the box. :))))) I LOVE the saying regarding if you can dream it. :))))) I REALLY needed this inspiration! :))))) YOU inspire me! :))))) And also the Bible. :))))) In my humble opinion We are only here and a short time, but I strongly believe that our Souls are for eternity. My sincerest apologies for writing so much and for not being able to be around lately. Your constantly in my thoughts and prayers! :))))) It is priceless and beyond a Blessing to find time to enjoy your TRUTH OR DARE and being able to write to you! :))))) YOUR FRIEND FOREVER @extraterrestrial :))))) I promised myself to find time to get back to STEEMIT! :)))))


Hi @extraterrestrial so good to hear from you:))), hope all is well in your universe, us earthlings have to just keep moving no choice yes life is short or it might seem that way and i do believe that in our souls is that spark of energy is eternal and that sometimes, sometimes we might even meet up with our soulmate the half that when combined can make sense and bring value and understanding to each other lives such a great moment of truth, something that i think everyone should experience but it's like we can spend our whole lives looking, like we are all walking in the dark looking for the one shoe that fits. So glad you made it back my friend forever :)))) i missed you too :))))

The BIBLE and Christian songs.

If it's not going to matter in a year, it's not worth thinking about.

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