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Destiny is said to be the fixed order of things or a condition fore ordained by God or Man. It can be likened to fate, lot or doom.
Nobody is created by Accident. Everybody is created or exist to make impact. Going through nature archives, I discover a certain trend that has denied many destiny their rightful position in life. According to a school of thought, I was convinced to know that, there are three kinds of people on earth. Those who inherited greatness, Those who achieve greatness and those who never wanted to be great.
As a thinker, I ruminated on those who never wanted to be great and I asked my conscious mind this question, Is it possible for someone to deliberately choose not to be great? This draw out the greatest robber in nature and without mincing words it is called "Destiny perversion".
Man and Nature

Destiny perversion is going out of the way or doing things that negate your original goal in life. A lot of social vices contribute to the subject area and this has brought many great men to destiny wallowing. Some of the social vices is embedded in the word "Charlatans". Who are charlatans? Charlatans are those that deceive for personal profit; swindlers, fake Impostors etc. Life is too short to invest in crooked ways. When you deceive a lady to sexual perversion, you lose a lot spiritually. You are also susceptible to "STD's" and if not properly manage, it can lead to death. Smoking and Drinking of Alcohol make a real man insane. This is rampant Nowadays. Most Youth are great smokers. Is it not insane for someone who is in his right senses to go on with smoking when it is clearly stated on the packet of the cigarette that smokers are liable to die young. Why consume or drink what you know can kill you?
Fulfilment of life lies in achieving laid down objectives and bringing our dreams into reality. To exist is one thing, to be living is another. Existence connotes Ordinary birth while living is doing the things that will ensure your legacy stays after you have gone.
Destiny perversion is an enemy of greatness; Nobody gets to the top by accident. It takes discipline, focus, dedication to get there.
We can't come to this world and be robbed of our God given blessings. Greatness is already in everyone, it is for us to elicit it. We must ready to live a fulfilled life. We must place emphasis on the "must haves" and "should haves". We must not use our hands to rob ourselves of our God given potentials.

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Hmmm. Alcohol makes a man go insane.


Yeah, It makes a man insane. Why consume something that can kill you?

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