Here is the lyrics of a song renedered at my church, I had to listen and pen down the lyrics with an addition of mine own lyrics too.

The song has a raggae beat infused with kind of solemn flow.


Chorus: Oh lord, all the work of your hands shall praise you, all the holy saint will bless your name, we will speak of your glorious kingdom and tell of your might.

We will speak of the great wealth that is glorious, we will proclaim your fearful great power, we will tell of how great you are, all ye people of the lord, let worship the glorious king who has kept us from the beginning.

O ye believers, lets know it that the glorious kingdom of our great God that has made us sons and daughters has also made us heir to the kingdom. Raise up for the salvation of others and bring back the prodigal ones.

Remember only Jesus can save, lets proclaim it to all nation that he is the truthful and worthy saviour, let proclaim it that he is the most glorious one with the greatest kingdom which will never be defeated.

He will not cast you away, he will not allow the burden to overcome you, JUST COME INTO HIM, HE WILL SAVE YOU.

Thanks for reading.

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What does this have to do with Reggae?

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@crypticat You have to read it carefully before you downvote or comment my post. I clearly stated it in the article that is a song lyrics which is a raggae song.

Dont go about downvoting my post when you have never upvoted all my post all along. If you dont want me to use jahm tag again, you can clearly state it

You should be using your position to encourage and motivate others not downvoting.

@donald.porter @dmilliz


4 days ago you sold 2390 #Jahm I don't really care for your religious posts and you aren't really supportive here if you are just dumping your Jahm. I will upvote what I want and downvote what I want. Either way your post is low effort and is plagiarism as 90% or more is not your own words.

You want to go cry to others for help you're just gonna start a flag war with me cause that's being weak. Maybe ask Donald if it's a good idea to hide behind him from me.

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Hey @Sammiegold, I admit, @crypticat can be a little unforgiving... a bit unpleasant... in how he goes about curating. But he does mean well for the tribe and what we are building here. With all honesty the post is on a thin line, its not clear if you wrote the reggae line to pass it as a reggaesteem post or it is as you say. I will give the benefit of the doubt. We are building the hub for reggae music and culture and we want to clearly show that with the content. Blessings bro, sorry for your unpleasant experience, but please understand that we have to set the culture early out.

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Thanks @dimilliz , I appreciate your submission. Jah bless