The Universe is Full of Giftwrapped Unicorns Around Every Single Corner!

4년 전

What if I told you, you live in a big happy universe filled with giftwrapped unicorns? For some of you, this just sounds ridiculous, but if that was you, you probably would never have started to read, so, stick with me. What if you really believed that the universe was filled with, not just good things, but the very kinds of things you want?

Not just that, but they were prepared for you to come by and pick them up, as if they had been specially delivered just for you? Most of you would point to your own experience to prove me wrong. You would say that, while impossibly good things do happen, they are few and far between and even if there were more of them, finding them breaks down to a matter of pure chance, and you never win anything, so why bother?

The problem is, we’re trained, from a very early age, to believe just the opposite, aren’t we? We grow up hearing about supply and demand. We listen to the news and accept that the numbers quoted at us, regarding the economy, jobs, the price of goods are all not just accurate, but unavoidable. Lack, scarcity, the idea that there is barely enough to go around is viewed as a kind of absolute truth, against which we all struggle for survival, but I wonder if you really understand what that would mean?

Modern economics was invented long before the earth’s current inhabitants were even born. It was put into place before anyone we know existed, or was even dreamed of. So, how can it be that this scarcity, this inherent lack of wealth, that makes us struggle to achieve even basic sustenance, could have existed throughout so much of human history? How have we survived it?

If the “wealth” controlled by banks and governments the world over is all there is and getting our piece is the only way to find what we really want in life, how did that happen?

If you’re a student of history at all, you’ll recognize that this simply cannot be true. After all, the United States of America, for example, has only been in existence for less than two and a half centuries, yet has grown to dwarf every other economy that has ever existed.

How is such growth even possible, if wealth is inherently scarce?###

Not only that, but it continues to grow, and as more humans are born to inhabit earth, more wealth is created to feed, house, clothe, educate and entertain them.

The stuff just magically multiplies when it is called upon to do so, so why don’t we believe in a universe full of giftwrapped unicorns?

Right now, some of you are screaming at the screen, “Climate change, you fool!” of course we have more and more, but we’re destroying the planet to get it. Soon, we will run out of the essential ingredients of wealth and the whole system will come crashing down around our ears.

In fact, as I write this, Donald Trump (ugggghhh!) is holding the world in suspense about whether he will continue working toward goals established in a climate change reversal plan. Is this true?

I don’t think it’s true at all. I’m not setting up to argue climate change, whether it exists, whether it’s man made, and whether it will be catastrophic, are irrelevant for this discussion, and here’s why.

The earth will remain highly inhabitable for the foreseeable future, and other than reducing our own negative behaviors, you and I have zero control over the outcome at any rate. So, when I say I don’t think it’s true, I mean the idea that we will grind to a halt with no way forward. I don’t believe that for one second.
Why? Because that’s never been the case with all of the horrendous ills humanity has faced in the past.

In fact, we’ve generally come out on top, with a better way of doing things and that’s exactly what I expect will be the case here, but even if not, I still find the world to be crammed with giftwrapped unicorns and I experience it almost every day. I am an incredibly lucky man!

Not only that, but I think I know why, and I think it has to do with what I'm talking about right now! More than that, though, I think it's contagious! So, if you'd like to be fortunate, hang around, read the next post, stick with me and I'll share what I've learned that's changed my universe into filled with giftwrapped unicorns around every corner.

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If we wouldn't believe in scarcity how would it be possible to turn people against each other? Divide and conquer is still the best strategy to stay in power 😔


And? That's exactly why I think it's time we stopped spreading this terrible myth, don't you?


I agree with you @steemgoblin absolutely. Perhaps my comment is overly sarcastic. What I was trying to say is that acknowledging the myth is the first step towards the freedom from the myth.


I wasn't disagreeing, Sorry! LOL


I just posted part 4, if you'd like to read it. Thanks!