"You're getting old! You need to know what you want and determine how to get it!"

4년 전

(Picture credit: Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/fear-of-heights-child-eyes-closed-2040805/)

If you are like me, in your twenties (or at a critical crossroad) and afraid of getting old as you crumble under the pressure of the outstanding success of your peers, you probably hear those words play out in your head every time that you reflect on yourself.

That's because it is not false. change is the only constant and with changing times come changing expectations, no longer will you be treated as a vulnerable member of society, you will be looked at with admirable recognition of your ability to make crucial contributions to the fabric of society. At the same time you will be expected to make less mistakes, get more things right the first time and establish your path - what you want and how you'll get there.

As asphyxiating as this thought may feel, it is not all that bad.
In fact it is simply a healthy indication of your ability to recognise your need to find your place in the working world, perhaps because your subconscious self understands that world needs your work. Not just for the world but for your own sanity. It's an indication of a need for sustainability.

Whilst this finding your path requires lengthy thought processes, it can be broken down into smaller bit, like discovering what you want out of a platform such as steemit.
How it can be a part of the puzzle of finding your path. It's not too early to start thinking deep, so ask yourself, "What do I want, and how can I get it here?"


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