Is Instagram The Gateway For Child Grooming?

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Instagram has been recently suggested to be a gateway to child abuse and child grooming by a leading children's charity in the UK known as the NSPCC, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Their allegations come after they had looked at information spanning just an 18 month period that showed there were more than 5k recorded crimes of sexual communication with a child.

Those recorded crimes came along with at least a 200 percent increase in instances where Instagram was being used to target and abuse children with a primary age group being targeted that was between 12 and 15 years of age.

Still, there were many younger victims as well and the charity expects that the true number of victims is much higher than that which has been reported by the police officially. Unfortunately, the charity thinks that more government is the answer here though, and they're pushing for new regulations on social media to try and address the risk here.

The data that was analyzed showed that Instagram was used in 32 percent of at least 1,317 cases, followed by Facebook in 23 percent, and Snapchat in 14 percent.

The data comes from more than 30 different police forces across England and Wales alone.

Those with the charity organization have said that this data signals that parents cannot trust the social media platforms to make sure that their children are safe while browsing online.

Previously, it was also suggested that Instagram might be the most damaging to young people's mental health today. Instagram being the most popular tool for child grooming, if that be the case, might be because it's one of the most popular platforms that children use today.

Previous news reports have also suggested that pedophiles have been posing on Instagram as teenagers in an effort to groom dozens of children, if not more.

It has been known for years that there might be such threats lurking on Instagram and other places and literally thousands of children have been targeted online. This goes to show that the government and these social media companies are unable to prevent any and all risks that users might face and parents should be responsible in knowing what their children are doing online.


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f-c-book, ThemTube and twat-er were both created by pedophiles for pedophiles.

I am sure insta-ban is no exception.

Have you noticed that people who are vocal, tell the truth and are right of Stalin are banned off of all platforms, but when a real crime is found out. Like actual child-pr0n on ThemTube, that they drag their feet and never really do anything about it?

And further, to parents, you cannot trust any platforms with your children. The way information is created cannot be screened by any small group of people. There are even bad pages on wiki-pedi-ia

We always talk about risk when it comes to social media, but in my opinion, the problem lies with the reward or the lack of it. What does a child stand to gain by browsing social media? Nothing. Instead, he/she is likely to develop mental issues as he/she grows up. So why should a parent allow them to use it? It's High risk/Zero reward.

Thanks for sharing
According to a radio program, I listened to, these social media platforms is also a big sources of bullying, between children. This is worse than physical bullying as it does not stop when the child goes home after school, there is no escape!!

Should a figured I guess with all the other in your face activity going on the f book and utube.

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All social media is exploitative...EXCEPT STEEMIT

Used as a marketing tool fine, used as a social outlet, not fine.

Thank you featured your article on YouTube today.

Followed by some some recent YouTube videos on exposing the problem on Instagram but it was very poorly executed.

@doitvoluntarily hello dear friend, thank you very much for spreading this news.
unfortunately these problems occur in all parts of the world and in much of social networks. the unscrupulous of always use these means to reach children
I wish you a good start to the week

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People need to kow the harsh disgusting truth.


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