Who determines what is right or wrong?

2년 전

There is one universal right and wrong. That is, we cannot be permitted to define other people by things they cannot decide, and then limit them accordingly. No one has that right. All oppression is wrong, and that is the highest form of oppression. It is however okay to knock out of the way those who wish to carry out such oppression, because their voice is not equal.

Power must be allocated by our capacity to contribute to humanity.

All other merits to power must be destroyed; we must make the distribution of power blind to how we are born, blind to where we are from, blind to who we pray to, blind to things we cannot decide, and blind to things we did not earn, such as tribal or collective things we are assigned or assigned ourselves to.

All you have is the body in front of you in the mirror, and that is all who you are permitted to be in your mind and in the mind of others.

You get no credit or identity because of your gender, because of your religion you were born into, your country, your favorite sports team, your company brand, nothing... There is just you the material body in front of you and the words that come out of your mouth and their value to others. That is all you get to be, nothing more. You get to be the road that has the most work to earn respect: your actual actions, you, alone, alone, you.

The arbitrator of right and wrong is the goal, and then working back from the goal how to efficiently get there by way of evidence, reason, and logic. Nothing else is admissible.

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