Some stocks I watch - Apple Inc.



two weeks ago, I've started a new challenge, where I present some of the companies that I follow for a buy&hold.

The companies need to fulfill over 70% of my criteria to even land in here.

This are:

  • are they going to be around in 25 years
  • are they market leaders
  • does the company expand or invest in research
  • does the company have a solid board
  • can the company recover if it is hit by a scandal or recession
  • was ROI over 3% in the past 10 years
  • shall not be in a communist state

Well, today I will speak about one of the most valuable companies in the world, that I've neglected and I'm sorry of not buying at the right time.

I think it is still a good buy, as it hits most criteria, I can say all points from my list.

They invest in research, are market leaders and are growing. After the split, even higher. I think this is a stock to hold for my kid.

I will buy for him a share and will give it and all the compound interest on it's 18 birthday.


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