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I am organizing a contest, mainly because I want to do something to save our Steemit Community.

I strongly believe that we will choose to stay in this platform if we have a solid connection with our friends here.

The aim of this contest is to create engagement between us. If you have read my previous blogs, I am concerned of interacting with each other and my personal goal is to reach to at least 10 different individual's post, comment on them, and forge friendship. And this is what this contest is all about.


  1. Create a blog with screenshots of at least 10 comments you made with different individuals. It is a must that you initiate the conversation, not just a reply to a comment given to you.

  2. Your comment should be at least 50 words, and not just the repeatitive, heartless comment, such as 'nice shot,' or 'beautiful scenery.' Rather, it should be engaging with the aim of getting to know each other more.

  3. Leave the link of your post here, as I will be reading the comments you have made.

  4. Resteem is appreciated but not necessary, for more exposure of this contest.

I will be the judge of this contest, and my judgment is based on how heartfelt your comments are.

Here's my proof of engagement for today:












1st Prize = 1.00 Steem
2nd Prize = 0.500 Steem
3rd Prize = 0.250 Steem

Should you want to donate for the prizes, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you, and may this contest be a catalyst to reverse the damaging effect of not interacting with each other.

With much anticipation,

This post is made possible using @eSteemapp.

I am inviting my friends @atongis, @purepinay, @wakeupkitty, @dswigle, @hangin, @melinda01010, @bloghound, @tattoodjay, @olivia08 to join in this contest.

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There is a thing called curation and engagement league by @abh12345. The fact is that I was the 23rd on the list of the latest report with 109 comments to 46 people, so I am interacting with way more than 10 people, but nowadays I still rarely receive real human comments under my Steem blog posts. The only exception is dpoll, where there is good/proper amount of interaction, but other than that the real human comments are rare on the Steem blockchain. I also thought about a contest/challenge about engagement earlier, but now I think that this should not be a content, nor a challenge, but the normal state of things. Because that is how a real social network works.


Yes, I know about the engagement league. And I am a member myself. But I think even the exchange of conversation with one individual is counted in there. I mean, even if I just interact with one person and we exchange 100 comments with each other, you can be on the top list in the Curation and Engagement League. But my contest is all about taking the initiative to comment on other's post, of at least 10 different individuals, and a minimum of 50 words per comment. 😊

Thank you @xplosive for taking the time to check my contest. I hope you will join, since commenting is already a part of you. 😍

Thank you @gingbabida for organizing this contest. I will be paying it forward by creating one in the future too. It is a lovely idea. 🌱

Here is my entry: Engagement Creates Community


Thank you for your entry @bia.birch. Please know that it is greatly appreciated! 😊

This is a wonderful contest! I wish I had seen it before but, I think I may be able to pull it off anyway. I will definitely give it the college try!

I applaud you for trying to stir up the engagement and interaction here. After all, if this place is moving, someones earning, right? I must say that I also like true and honest engagement, a good job, the nice write may be necessary some days, but, not every day and not from this person. :)

I have a few more words to spare than that. Good luck with this. I am sending you 5.00 Steem to help with the contest.

Upped and Steemed

!tip 2.00


Oh Denise! You definely have a 100% generous heart!!! ❤

When I read your message, I just stared at my phone, too dumbstruck to speak! "Is this true?" I asked myself. "Yes, it's true. It's Denise," my heart replied. Your generosity is just so out of this world, my dear Denise @dswigle. I am greatly moved to imitate your generosity. 😘😘😘

I love you and your big heart. 💕


It is always a pleasure. xo 💕

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