Interiors: A unique plant-filled home in The Netherlands

3년 전

This is more like a tropical oasis house, colorful, vibrant, green, this house comes as a striking to first-time visitors, since it breaks many norms of the traditional design and interior that most of us use.

wondering around the house shows how much the owner loves colors and since the owner of the house is a color-consultant, It's outstanding how much color can impact the shape and design of any place.








e9d124ec202098210fe64e24d825baeae85b65b4 (1).jpg




I hope this can inspire some fellow steemians to dare use more colors when renovating their homes, and let me know how would you feel living in a place like this?

If you are terrible at keeping plants alive then you might consider The Heartleaf Philodendron which is harder to Kill than To keep alive and it can be used in interior as well like the below photo:


Photographer: Winkie Visser

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This is a very interesting house for us to stay, I want to have a house like that.
I will resteem

I can almost smell the fresh air that all of those beautiful plants are putting off. I'm sure the owners are happy and healthy people.


I can smell it too :) thanks for this lovely comment.

I'm liking the plants and colors. It feels happy and fresh!


I think for once someone can be happy staying at his own place with all those colors and fresh plants surrounding him.

these rooms are very nice and also neat and beautiful colors and beautiful, will feel comfortable when in this room.


must feel excited more than comfortable I think.

nice house design, I like the architecture of a house like this.


Thank you and hope you can have the same someday.

hello @digdaga, are you designing this all?
for me this is very good, it takes a skilled person to make this all.


I am not the designer, and sources are mentioned at the end of the post.

That is a really cool house. I love plants. Great find. Thanks for sharing!!


Welcome and thanks for your support.

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Cool intetior

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It is a house that goes beyond all the specifications of elegance and elegance, and indeed, for the first time in my life I see these unique designs، I can not imagine that I would live in such a house, because I feel like a house of imagination or of another world .
Good luck my dear friend @digdaga for sharing this unique house ,, all the best 👍👍😉

thanks for sharing this @digdaga - you really have given me some great design inspiration for my own house, so thank you! I'll make sure to post some pictures when I am finished my designs :)