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I found this to be equally eye-opening and disappointing:
(documentary on youtube's roots)

Very good. A mix of humour, opinion and fact that blends well. I shared it on facebook for any of my normie mates who still go there.

Unavailable video.

Was that the point? haha


lol that's ironic, did you try opening it through youtube?

· <-- click link and it works :) magix!

Interesting video but the final Song blink182's fantastic!!!

!giphy fantastic

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Video "unavailable". LOL


Damn, even for you? Hmm, let me see if I can find a mirror.


Hmm no luck. :/

Get a VPN. xD


You could watch it straight from YouTube for some odd reason.

Need a sad react option on steemit post. 😥

I find myself reading comments on that video, on youtube lol..

A good and interesting video. Thanks for sharing! :)