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IoP stands for Internet of People. Internet of People is a crypto movement and digital cooperative focused on connecting people directly and providing decentralized apps (dApps) and services while preserving users’ data privacy.
For users, IoP is a way to connect to other people and businesses without losing control of important personal data or having to interact with middlemen.
There are hundreds of crypto coins and projects but unlike many crypto projects, IoP is promoting crypto values like decentralization and privacy while creating a coin
and services that real people will actually use.


Dieter Klomfass - Management & Strategic Planning/ Co-Founder

The IOP Coin (IOP) is derived from version 0.15 of Bitcoin Core, currently using the same SHA256 hashing algorithm but a unique PoW (Proof of Work) consensus mechanism.
The IOP Coin is designed to:
Distribute block rewards to the IoP community and its members fairly
✓ Reduce the need for high powered/high power consumption mining ✓ Pay for services in the IoP ecosystem around nodes and dApps

Technical description

The IOP coin is the main medium of exchange within the IoP network. Among other
things, it will be used to incentivize running nodes and services. The IOP coin is
based on our own blockchain.
IoP consists of two main components: The Mercury protocol (for dApps) and the IoP blockchain (for payments).
IoP is a decentralized network of nodes. Almost anyone can set up and run a node. Right now, the easiest way is via a pre-configured Titania box from our partner Libertaria.
The Mercury protocol, running on those nodes, enables all participating nodes to
communicate peer-to-peer with other nodes in the network and directly exchange any and all data supported by the Mercury protocol, including user profiles, messages, pictures and much more.
Part of what we’re building is called the open social graph. The open social graph will allow users of the IoP node network to share whatever profile and data they like with other users. The open social graph is completely censorship resistant due to the direct peer-to-peer connections between users.

dApp is short for “decentralized app”. They’re like normal apps, but they don’t
rely on big centralized data servers to operate. They provide better security and
cannot be controlled or disrupted by centralized authorities. The IoP platform is
designed to support any kind of dApp, providing users with familiar services while
giving them complete control of their personal data.

IoP is divided into three main components: regional chapters, divisions and the IoP
Ventures company. The regional chapters are the largest of these groups, and that’s
where most members will find themselves.
IoP is doing decentralization right: we’re taking the best parts of traditional
corporate, cooperative and community structures and combining them in a way
that’s fully decentralized but can still work effectively. As a global organization we
mostly communicate and collaborate online: hence, decentralized digital

IoP chapters are responsible for promoting IoP and IoP values such as privacy,
decentralization, and self-governance in their local area. Often this involves
translating and sharing content and information created by the IoP divisions and
other chapters, but chapters are independent and can operate however they like.
Every chapter has a chapter leader who is responsible for their chapter’s activity.
More broadly, chapters can vote on various issues within IoP such as the mining
license system and proposals generated by the divisions. These votes are currently
held on our internal discord, but the system will be migrated to the blockchain in the
coming months. Thank you!

Donation: UP- IOP QR-Code

IOP-(Internet of People)- pTE9WjhqWNP68FCgTE6qAwEzPgeayx3Ms6
BTC-(Bitcoin)- 16TFxarWS5xj1QYoAtzucuuwePRqjQY3aX
ETH-(Ethereum)- 0x6f396f74fd71db6f5894345df0dc54830b3d1b31
LTC-(Litecoin)- LTmnbZiP4ms24Xqm8nPK1CGzutZktL4wPG
DSH-(DASH)- XpdCdykvkQeQURgxHWpLo2UzaqEUrKAQrH
GNT-(Golem)- 0x6f396f74fd71db6f5894345df0dc54830b3d1b31
GUP-(Guppy)- 0x6f396f74fd71db6f5894345df0dc54830b3d1b31

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