Andrew Yang talking cryptocurrencies

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Presidential Candidate, former Tech Entrepreneur Andrew Yang was interviewed by Finance Magnates' Blockchain Podcast and they spoke about his campaign and how cryptocurrency and blockchain tech could play an important role in his vision for the future of the American Economy.

Worth giving it a listen. We've had some movements here on Steem with Andrew Yang #yanggang so figured this was relevant and something that could interest many here.

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He is become my favorite presidential candidate.



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Andrew yang is seeing the future because China is now ready to introduce his own digital currency and if America don't take any step in this regard to make his own digital currency then China will overpower the world economy. Trump should make his mind on right path and give full assistance for CryptoCurrency market.


China’s goal for crypto is police-state surveillance.

Wow!, thank you @acidyo for for this reports of interview about Yang and crypto. Many things that I have grasped from this interview. I'm also happy for your promotion of Steem.

Freedom won't be on any ballots not processed in the streets.

If voting changed anything they would make it illegal.
Emma Goldman 1915

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