Interview with The Crypto Lark | My Australian journey on Bitcoin

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We had a chance to chat with well-known YouTuber @larksongbird. His specialization are cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The Crypto Lark YouTube channel has almost 100,000 subscribers, with the most visited video, tutorial on how to use Binance's exchange, has seen nearly 320,000 viewers.

Lark provide viewers by cryptocurrency news, cryptocurrency reviews, tutorials for newcomers and interviews. We gave him a chance to be on the opposite role of the interview. So here it comes!

Hello Lark, thank you for joining us. Firstly tell us, when you get in touch with bitcoin? And are you full time in crypto by doing your YouTube channel and running a Steemit account?

I got into bitcoin a few years ago for two reasons. For an investment opportunity and due to my ideological opposition to the traditional banking system. YouTube is my full time job right now, which is amazing! There is nothing greater than living your passion.

In your Vlog How to Travel Queensland Australia on Bitcoin, you lived 72 hours only on cryptocurrencies. Videos like this are great for the mass adoption and make people think in a different way. How did you enjoy the travel?

My trip to Australia was amazing, it´s such a great country to travel in and I always have a lot of fun when I go there. Travelling on Bitcoin was a cool experience. It was amazing to see how many hotels, restaurants, merchants and tour providers accept bitcoin. I think I might do another trip like that in the future.

Was the Australian trip for you only a test or do you use cryptocurrencies more often while you are travelling?

It was kind of a test, but I do pay in crypto when I can. Like booking hotels with Travala or buying flights using cheap air.

How would you explain in the simplest way why Bitcoin is revolutionary? Do we really need it, while our credit and debit cards and bank accounts do the same job?

Bitcoin is the digital gold of the internet era. Yes, for many people using their credit card is fairly easier and more convenient. But using bitcoin has a wide range of advantages for merchants or for politically sensitive people and also for people without access to the banking infrastructure, which westerners enjoy.

What do you think about gaming industry on blockchain? Do they have the biggest potential? What gaming crypto projects are in your insight?

Gaming will be massive, while it´s such a perfect fit! In my opinion Enjin is one of the most promising gaming crypto, they have some massive partnerships and they really stand out with their token model.

What's your opinion on decentralizing the internet – social networks like Steemit, Minds, dTube, or cryptocurrency exchanges. Is it the right direction after decentralizing the money? Can this benefit the society?

The internet is broken, it has become predatory. And it no longer works for people, but for corporations. We need to change this model.

What is your favorite statement?

Give a man a Bitcoin and feed him for a day.
Teach him the fundamentals about blockchain decentralized peer-to-peer finances and the evils of Central Reserve banks and you feed him for a lifetime!

Great, Lark thank you so much for the interview, it was fun.

Thanks for having me!

Uncut version of this interview can be found at

You can watch The Crypto Lark videos at his YouTube Channel

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