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Hello, I read that I should make an introductory post here.
TLDR: I'm a jack-of-all-games, and I'm making a Minecraft server.

I started using Steemit to play a contest for a small online game. I play a lot of browser and Switch games as well as Brawl Stars and Minecraft Java.

Career-wise, I have a lot of different interests from story writing to game design to STEM. I don't want to specialize in one thing for a long time; I want to experience doing a variety of different things in life. Novelty makes memories.

Currently, I'm working on an ambitious Kit FFA server in Minecraft. It's a project that I and a friend have put hundreds of hours of work into. I have high hopes for its release, which should actually be soon! Its name will be Imperium, and it's got 40 hand-made, custom coded fighters and an arena and storyline made by me. I'll post again on release for anyone who plays Minecraft Java and is interested.

I've played a lot of Nintendo titles, including every Paper Mario, Smash Bros, and Mario Kart. I've also played through a couple Pokemon, LoZ, and Pikmin games. All good games, played some to 100%.

Since I also mentioned browser games, here's some links to a few that I really like:
Chess Evolved Online:
Small online game I mentioned. It's chess, but evolved into a Deck Builder. You can play chess with various medieval war units, elementals, mages, spirits, zodiac signs, and the 7 deadly sins. Crazy stuff, but not so hard to pick up.
It's Risk, but beefed up with ability cards, giant maps, and combat fog. There's a currency system, too, so if you get good at it, you might be able to make money off of it.
Adventure Story:
Awesome nostalgic offline game that's worthy of being its own paid game. It's a platform-RPG with 20 levels, and it's part of a franchise of (I think) 7 other games. The music and art are great, and the controls are fluid. I won't forget that one.

I'll end the post there since that's a good-size first post. To me, games are just as much a medium as books or movies. Feel free to comment; I'll see it and respond.

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