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Pertenezco a la dimensión C-137, fui marcada bajo el código "T-800 modelo 1.0.1" mi nombre no significa nada si lo lee al revés o al derecho, pero si aun te sigue interesando, en confianza puede llamarme señorita Aramoix Beaumont, en esta realidad especifica llevo 25 años respirando, mi única responsabilidad es ser feliz y poco a poco lo he ido logrando gracias al cine y la comida. 17634410_10212231427637970_1723242931387355553_n.jpg

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Hello @beaumont, welcome to our community.👋🏻✌🏼


Hola gracias por leer mi publicacion

Hi @beaumont welcome to steemit, i hope you enjoy here, have fun. Don't get tired writing an article. You got an upvote from me :)


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Gracias por unirte a Steemit donde podrás compartir conmigo y con muchas personas más.

welcome to steemit.

Hello! I followed you, let's increase the power of Steemit together! I hope you follow me. I'm always glad to have a new acquaintance with good people! ;)

You are lovely. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

I welcome you, Beaumont
Your #introduceyourself blog is nice.
Blogging thats what its all about on this platform and this blockchain. Blogging is it, blog on and you could be succesfull! 🤛 and you could earn money. 💴💸💰
I blog every day and love it!❤️ Thats how I am, where I am today.
But be carefull with all your passwords !! Never give that up!!!!!
For very good safety tips visit https://steemit.com/steem/@verhp11/safety-first-first-aid-kit-for-steemians-who-are-just-beginning-this-great-journey from Our fellow steemy @verhp11
The Steemify App I use is great, it is available in the Appstore and free, go cheque it out. I wish you good luck with steeming and I Will See you around🍀
Greetings from Brittandjosie from the Netherlands