Hello Steemit!

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Hello dear Steemians!

I am very happy to join Steemit family and to become a part of it but first of all I would like to tell a few words about myself. My name is Mary. I lived in Russia many years but I moved to Latvia a few years ago and right now I live in Riga, its capital.

I am a happy mother of two kids. My daughter is
12 years old and my son is only two. I do my best to lead a healthy lifestyle. I have a garden where I and my husband grow organic fruit and vegetables. I never buy them in the market because farmers use a lot of chemicals to make them grow faster. I do not vaccinate my kids as it is a very big risk for their health. And I am as a mother is responsible for health of my children. I neither drink nor smoke. In the evenings I and my family ride bicycles and it is always such a fun for us. On weekends we go on picnics or fishing. I love nature very much.

I am very proud to have such a nice friendly family so in my blog I will write about my life. I hope to find many friends on Steemit as I am an easy-going person. See you soon my new friends!


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