hallo steemit, this my introduce

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Hallo steemit.

my name murhadi origin of aceh precisely bireuen, I graduated from al-Muslim university from civil engineering department,

now I'm pioneering business in welding for about 1 year, and still running smoothly
After I heard about steemit from the people around me, I wanted to try it myself, here I am beginner please help from steemit friends all

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Greetings my friend!

I am glad that our community has increased with one more member!
I hope that you will find here a way to realize yourself, and to benefit others
Be yourself, be sincere, be honest and worthy of the place you are in.

I Upvoted your post and Resteem of your greeting in my feed, where you you can search friends and other minnows...

I think you can use this collected information:

First off all! Most answers to your questions you can find here https://www.steemithelp.net/

Blockchain Explorer https://steemd.com/@_Your_Steemit_Nickname
Blockchain Explorer and statistics https://steemdb.com/@Your_Steemit_Nickname
Your account achievements https://steemitboard.com

Navigate the prices and exchanges where you can buy Steem or sell SBD

For the your first post use please #introduceyourself tag! Thank you:)
You can become a participant in the competitions, by selecting the desired in the tag #contest or invent and organize your own.
More useful tips and steemit app you can find in #steemit & #steem tag

There is a Steemit chat with various rooms, in which you can ask questions, advice, or place your post to advertise it to the community https://steemit.chat

Upvote chat in the telegram massager:

Similarly, by reading the posts of other Steemians you can find invitations to the Discord channels! They often contain upvote chats, and you can easily find friends of interest in them
Here are some of them:
World Of Photography https://discord.gg/4Ezx2eM
MinnowBOOSTER https://discord.gg/k7fWQD7
SteemSports https://discord.gg/ApvKKUF
WhaleShares https://discord.gg/DX7zErC
Steem Gigs https://discord.gg/NuFVxKA
SteemTrail https://discord.gg/gHt2aGN
Minnow-Power channel https://discord.gg/WvFQzXu notify
Steemit Lover https://discord.gg/EVKhssF
GuideSteemit https://discord.gg/nkwh36Y
BuildAWhale https://discord.gg/yebax27
Steemit ramble https://discord.gg/9pUSjv8
VotoVZLA https://discord.gg/VhgeFJQ
Steem Life https://discord.gg/SD3ReMm
SteemLab https://discord.gg/phWQveU
MinnowsUnite https://discord.gg/CJEEfgb
Steemians https://discord.gg/uR95R7t
Society for Narwhal https://discord.gg/repxc9v

Territorial communities
Steemit Philippines https://discord.gg/VyG83AN | https://discord.gg/Q8956PF
Steem NIGERIA https://discord.gg/Y3u2z6T
East Coast Steem https://discord.gg/QXduBuk
Ukraine SteemOn https://discord.gg/cxq8JQd
Ru-Steem Trail https://discord.gg/8KyDBUx

Let us know if you know more or create new!

Alternative interfaces:
https://steepshot.io (-mobile app have to)
Forums https://chainbb.com

Mobile app - eSteem :
for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netsolutions.esteem&hl=ru
for iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/esteem-mobile/id1141397898?mt=8

Forget about youtube! There is https://d.tube!
Have fun and joke yourself with https://dmania.lol/

A public SQL database with all blockchain data http://steemsql.com https://sql.steemhelpers.com
From Developers https://steemconnect.com
Rewarding Open Source Contributors
https://utopian.io | https://discord.gg/kPYBCYK

Autocuration1 https://steemvoter.com
Autocuration2 https://streemian.com/profile/curationtrail/trailing/943
Bot Tracker https://s3.amazonaws.com/yabapmatt/bottracker/bottracker.html#paid

Use @minnowbooster for boost your rewards!
More https://www.minnowbooster.net

You also need to select witnesses and vote for them. These are people who ensure decentralization of the work of the blockchain. Make your choice consciously, by choosing responsible and useful delegates


Golos wait for you too! Find more here about Golos.io blockchain platform - analogue Steemit! This is Steemit,s younger brother! Join us: https://golos.io/create_account

Regarding the correction, insertion or deletion of your information, please contact @Dimarss

Hey. Welcome. I'm also new!))

Welcome to steemit ! Nice paost ! I hope you enjoy here ! will give the vote to you, Please upvote & follow me

selamat bergabung, @murhadimur bek tuwe follback


Get. Kaleuh meu follback. Mohon bantuan

Selamat bergabung di steemit