Memory Introduce My Self @ammar1

3개월 전

The Account @ammar1 Was hacked memory When i was just 15 years Old
Let Me Tell You A Little Story.
There was a boy who was so intelligent who lives in a society of people where each and every person was too rich. But that kid didn't want just the money he wants to be appreciated. But how there was none to appreciate him. How would he be appreciated? He started traveling the world. City by city, country by country. But all the people wanted just money. That kid was so sensitive. He started thinking that money is everything in this world. He was clever and intelligent so in a short interval of time makes a name for himself as a tycoon. But what happened to that kid who wanted to be appreciated? Guess what he died. And that man who appears to be a business tycoon is another person.
He plays online games.
He is a good person.

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