I am Demian Zivkovic, Life Extension Advocate, entrepreneur, investor and thinker.

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My name is Demian Zivkovic, I live in Utrecht, Netherlands. I'm 26 years old, and I am a serial entrepreneur in highly innovative projects. I write on innovation, analytical philosophy, biohacking/nootropics, politics, business and futurist/tech topics. I am a strong proponent of radical life extension through medical science, a cause I'm very passionate about.


I have co-founded Ascendance Biomedical, a biomedical firm located in Singapore focused on developing novel therapies and facilitating medical tourism in order to fight ageing and disease, improve people's lives and generate revenue in order to fund further research into health and human augmentation.
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In addition, I am also president of the board at the Institute of Exponential Sciences, which is a small think tank exploring exponential technologies and their potential, as well as their effect on the future of society. We have funded among other thing a large conference last year, the DNA-Designing New Advances, one of the biggest conferences on human gene editing in Europe.

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I have very broad interests, from biohacking, tech, gaming and neuroscience to fashion, art, philosophy and various kinds of music. I am a staunch proponent of free speech, and I will defend it even for those who disagree with me. This is why this community seems pretty awesome. I intend to provide regular quality content, so vote me up if you think my content is relevant! I'm very excited about writing!

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Welcome to Steem @ascendance I have upvoted and sent you a tip


Thank you~!

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Heya @ascendance, what do ya think about veganism ? :P


I veganism as a diet can work perfectly fine for healthy human beings as a healthy lifestyle choice, if the correct science is applied in creating a diet that provides all the nutrients your body needs,

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awesome knowing ppl like you are planning to change the world <3 the best of luck

Welcome! Look forward to your future posts.

Thanks for the warm welcomes!

What do you think are the best ways to prolong life at this time? Thanks!


I would say a combination of Pterostilbene, Nicotinamide Roboside, Metformin & periodic senolytic treatments.


Welcome! I have been following the work of Dr Bill Andrews closely, but for the last year or so I haven't heard much from Sierra Sciences. Have you communicated much with Bill? He is a fascinating character in this field. It sounds like he was beginning to hit a ceiling with his telomere research and needed more funding.

Also, have you tried Epitalon, Cycloastragenol or Astragasolide IV? If so, what do you make of these?

I have tried GHRP-6 and it definitely improved my skin.