First Post! My goals, plans on Steemit

4년 전
Hello my name is Vadym @itstudent, 21 y.o., I'm a student at an IT university in Kiev, Ukraine. Have a bachelor diploma, after 1 week I will enter the magistracy.

Here I will share with you an interesting and useful information in my opinion. The main topic of my blog is of course a blockchain and everything connected with it, but I will also share interesting business, finance, programming, entrepreneurship, internet business, trading, computer games, sports, poker ...))))

   I will write about Personal experience of participating in some projects. In general, you can say this is my personal blog in which I will post something that I find interesting (it is clear that most of the posts will be someone else's article or video from Youtube, but not just a link and with my comment is it worth to look at what I found interesting Well, you understand)

I set myself the goal of writing at least 1 post a day!

Subscribe to me @itstudent, we will comprehend the possibilities of the Steemit together! :)

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Welcome to The Steemit!


Welcome to Steem @itstudent I have upvoted and sent you a tip..keep writing

Hey, really nice written blog, looking forward to see more, Im expecially interested in following you through your future carrier. #Follow


Welcome to steemit. Good idea to write a blog post everyday. Happy steeming! Gave you an up vote✔👍

There are a lot of intelligent and artistic people here. Excited to see what you share!


@pwnedu I will try to write about interesting things

Welcome to Steem @itstudent I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Welcome to Steemit friend! Hope you're enjoying the community here!
Ukraine is a beautiful country, hope I can visit one day :D


It's really great to be friend with a cool person like you :) Steemit community really needs a person like you to grow bigger!
I UPVOTED and FOLLOWED you. Please follow me back @apple64 so that we can become the best friend forever :)


Make it big bro

Warm welcome @itstudent! nice to meet you. Feel free to follow me and ask if you have questions!


@nickdavison thank you, mutual follow?