Let's be cheerful and welcome juderoyal to Dtube ....sensational moment!!!!!

2년 전

What's good guys?!
Wouldn't you love to know what juderoyal is all about?!
What creativity he can add to the steemit community!?
If you are as curious, I'd advice you watch this video to find out what juderoyal has got in store for Dtube...
And also make sure to follow for inspirational posts to get through life's challenges..... enjoy

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Welcome to Steem, @juderoyal!

I am a bot coded by the SteemPlus team to help you make the best of your experience on the Steem Blockchain!
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I watched the video and those are some pretty cool graphics, I never had the talent nor effort for doing graphics. You're talented and I know you can grow big. Btw. check out utopian.io a site for programmers of open source projects, there are a lot of Task Request, where a developer wants a cool logo/graphic design for their application. You can also make suggestions there, without a request with your logo to a project. Then if the mods accept your contribution you'll get upvoted by the utopian bot, and other people!


Thanks for your words of encouragement.
I do plan to grow really big with graphics.
And wow!
I never knew about all these opportunities that one could get on utopian.io
Thanks for informing me @ah101.
Can i send you a message on steemit chat.
For you to better enlighten me on how to go about my utopian.io journey?.


Oh I didn't know about the steemit chat, thanks for suggesting it. I made an account by the name ah101.


Lol. You are welcome.
Okay i'll make sure to send you a text.