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Hello Steemworld!

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It´s always difficult to introduce oneself, if one is not a person, but an enterprise. Your first thought about a business introducing itself will always be: “Come on, you just want to sell me something! Move on, that’s not funny…”

Of course you are partly right: We want to sell you something and what we have to sell is not funny all. It´s a highly reliable software which will monitor your UPSs and shutdown your systems in case of long lasting power outages.

Now there are four possibilities:

You think: “…”
You think: “What the hell…, what are they talking about?”
You think: “Well that’s interesting, but I still don´t know what they are talking about…”
You think: “Wow, finally somebody found a solution to this, I was searching for years…”

If you are part of thinking group one and two, I am pretty sure we can´t really help you, but if you are part of thinking group three or four, we invite you to learn more...

This is our head-staff


Independis information systems GmbH is a German software enterprise, founded in 2008. We are software developers for “The Empire”, meaning we are specialized to develop business applications based on Microsoft technologies. One of our “side products” though, is useful for a lot users, even if only a few people are aware of the problem, that we solved with it.

Shortly explained:

If you are running a system 24/7 (e.g. mining), it´s extremely advisable to use an UPS system (uninterruptible power supply) to be safe from power peaks and from blackouts. An UPS system is a short-term bypass to keep your systems running. In case the blackout takes longer, you get the same problem as if you don´t have an UPS, if you don´t shut your systems down in time. If you are sitting next to your server, that is not a problem… but how often you are not? With more complex systems, even sitting next to it won´t help much.

For these cases you need a reliable software that shuts down your systems, your virtual machines and your servers automatically, else you risk data loss and corrupt systems. That´s no funny at all, too.

We developed a software with the name OPMONis, able do this kind of shutdowns, with only one installation and independent from UPS manufacturers. It´s easy to use and affordable. So no matter if you are using APC, Eaton, Bluewalker or any other UPS, no matter if you use Windows or Linux and no matter if you are using ESXi, freeESXi, Xen-Servers or HyperV.

OPMONis can handle this with just one installation.

If you ever experienced the amount of time needed to dig into the depths of graceful shutdowns with virtualized systems, you will immediately know, how much money and time our software can save you. (If you get this sentence, you´ll probably already had this problem)

Last but not least… the best thing for you about OPMONis:

We provide a full featured 30-day trial
AND (if you like it)
you can pay it with Steemdollars, too!

Have a look at our website! Any feedback and suggestions for further development is welcome!

Steem on!

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