My first presentation at steemit.

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Good, steemit friends greet you! My name is Paulina Mogollon I am 19 years old. I am from Venezuela currently a student of industrial engineering. I describe myself as a simple person, totally happy and grateful to the life I have; I love reanding books and post motivational, I like stundying and learning new knowledge every day. I consider that life is without scripts, only being oneself so that I caracterize myself as a sincere person. I like traveling to know new cultures, people, cities. I'm attracted to the pastries and I love the food.
I am new in this medium but I consider myself able to reach any goal, therefore I hope to contribute the best for the growth of the network. if you want to leave your comments or recommendations with pleasure I read them.

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Welcome to Steemit! Good luck on the industrial engineering degree :)

i wish you a great time here and a nice day :D
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Nice description hope to see more of you on steemit, Il invite you to follow me as well.

I guess that consistency and perseverance is the key in Steemit. All the best (And avoid misspelling helps, "inglis" as a tag is not gonna work )

Welcome to steemit.I wish you success here.I look forward to your best work.Nice to meet you.Greetings 🤗 spirit

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Welcome Paulina! Hope you have a great time with Steem! Upvoted and Follow!

welcome to steemit @paulinagaby
following you now. :D
follow me back pls :)