WAIT, this is not Facebook... ha, j/k. Feel blessed to be apart of the Steemit community. I'm Jason. @Sentinel on Steemit , #introduceyourself

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I'm finally getting to my brief bio, likes, and how I found steemit. I'm 48 years live in Redondo Beach CA and single. For 27 years I have worked in the Aerospace industry for configuration management. Sort description of what I do is to insure engineering meets process and industry requirements.
What drives me financially is stock market investing, analyzing charts, cryptocurrency and researching anything under the sun that grabs my interest.
Have to give credit to @marketreport for getting me involved on Steemit last April, thanks Greg. Others I follow @x22report and @themoneygps
Outdoor activities I hold dear to my heart are off-roading, trophy bass fishing, camping.
Favorite books - Japanese Candlestick charting techniques by Steve Nison, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie, favorite newspaper IBD Investors Business Daily.
What I hope to get out of Steemit is to grow and be apart of the Steemit Community. There are so many smart people on Steemit that I have learned from, hopefully I can learn how to open up myself and be able to share my skills and experiences with the community.

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Welcome @Sentinel ! Don't forget to stop by and tell me your favorite drink and get some FREE STEEM !

I may have to follow suit and do a late introducemyself. I botched my first post where I said hi. My tags were wrong etc. And it was too short and non specific. This one is a good one though.


Thanks for the positive feedback. I feel like a duck out of water doing these posts.