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Hello everyone! Im SHAINA MARIE AGASA P_20170923_125343_1.jpgfrom Philippines, Aparri, Cagayan Valley to be exact. So, i'll tell you something about myself. Im 18 years old, lives at Aparri, Cagayan as i have said earlier. I have 2 more siblings and i am the youngest. My two older sisters has different attitudes. The one is the silent type and the other one is the total opposite. But both of them have the same plans and dreams for me.FB_IMG_1516973269766.jpg !
FB_IMG_1516973376745.jpg(i miss this old good days😢 dont even remember when this photo was being taken)But i kept on being a total failure. On the other hand, I wanna make them proud. Even not now, but i will! Soon! And im very thankful for those who still believes in me. Just like my partner. He always encourage me to become better; to become successful. And im very blessed to have him also with my bestfriend who's always there to comfort me when im down.P_20170923_211650_BF.jpgP_20180111_120845_BF.jpg And im trying to earn money from here to pursue my dreams. To make everyone proud of me. And to show them that im not always a failure. So, thankyou so much and that's all.

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welcome beautiful girl ... 😍😍 May you enjoy here and great writing skills 😍

Welcome to steemit! :)


Thankyou maam. Followed you po.

Welcome to the community. :)


Thankyou po😊

Welcome @shainamarie!!
Have a good time here!


Thankyou! More power sir.

Welcome to Steemit Community. Enjoy and keep steeming.


Thankyou maam.😊

Welcome to the community sista!

Welcome kabayan.
Steem On!
Enjoy your stay here:)

Take some imaginary @teardrops (Smart Media Tokens)

Welcome Shaina. What are the dreams you are trying to accomplish?

kumusta shainamarie! :) welcome to steemit! Its great to have all the support u can get!

im following u and upvoted now.