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I am new here...just introduced myself a couple of days ago.
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Mostly I have spent my time here reading other peoples posts, commenting, and getting a feel for how I might fit in here. Well like usual, I don't feel like I fit. But thats not a reflection of Steemit, its a reflection of me. I never feel like a fit--EVER!!! Which leads me to what I have come to realize that I need to do. I need to reveal another aspect of myself that will most likely scare off quite a few of you:(

I am a recovering Addict and Alcoholic. During the last 5.5 years of my sobriety, I have come to know that one of the symptoms of my disease is a sense of not belonging. This helps me to isolate and get deeper into my addictions. I have also come to know that sharing my experience, strength, and hope is a big part of the antidote. So...

along with sharing my art, thoughts, music, poems, and dreams--I will share my experience, strength and hope concerning my lifelong battle against my addictions to alcohol and other drugs. I share this at the risk of alienating a large portion of this community, because the potential of helping just one person like myself IS WORTH IT!!!

On September 30, 20011--I had my first 24 hours free from alcohol and most other drugs...
it took another 3 months before I was relieved of my addiction to marijuana and a couple of more months before I was relieved of my addiction to nicotine. Since then, I have not had to drink and or use any mind altering substances--one day at a time!!! This is a miracle!!! I was at a crossroads. I was 36 years old, dying, homeless, and had just lost the will to continue on with living.

I don't know how it happened, but in the moment I had made up my mind-- to wonder off and die in the desert--I was shown another way. The path I was led to gave me freedom. Freedom from the bondage of myself and my baffeling condition. I had been drinking and using AGAINST my own will for the past 10 years at this point. Before then, I drank and used cause I damn well wanted to. To be led to a place that showed me how to stop and stay that way was not something that I thought was even possible. Now I Know that it is! Now I know and live the solution and am hungry to share that information with anyone who needs it!

I want to be available because I know that I am not alone. I want to be real about who I am so that any time I spend on here is genuine. I hope to be of service to those that are like me. To reveal to those that may not know that----** there is a solution**.

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A warm welcome @happy2b. I'm @munchmunch and I look forward to reading your posts.


thanks much much.

Welcome happy2b! I am about to go on a 30 day journey to becoming sober (more realistic for me). I know how hard it is so congratulations, the journey never ends really.


Hey...theres no way I could even think of sobriety past RIGHT NOW!!! Even one day ahead can really fuck up my head. I have found that working out the day that i am in really works. One day at a time is all I just happens to have added up!!!

Welcome to steemit buddy. you will do great.


Thanks man