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Hello I am Yonderth, Caraqueño by birth, proud of belonging to this land of liberators, artist of vocation and engineer by profession, husband of a beautiful brunette, father of 2 beautiful Neapolitan mastiffs (Hades and Zeus) Alias ​​Sarnoso and Bembón, lover of nature, travel and reading, photographer at the right moments, integral man, apprentice of the world of cryptocurrency, practitioner of various crafts related to the arts of engineering, from painting, custom audio cars, graphic design, Decorative furniture, Carpentry and others that I'm about to discover on this trip of a lifetime.

I present Sarnoso and Bembon

Traveling in the Andes Mountains

Coming from a family of the Venezuelan plains like any other with its particularities, Technician in Mechanical-Architectural Drawing, I started studying architecture, then life took me to the world of Mining Engineering, so I will use this account to publish images and experiences of the trips made by the world, as well as those obtained during the professional exercise in the mining work by the various mineral deposits and any other article or video of collective interest and that enrich our life experience and provide us with that food for the soul necessary to live in spiritual harmony.

In the mining works

View of the capital's sky

Rationalist of the conviction "cogito ergo sum" "I think I exist", convinced that in this world human contacts and relationships are needed to achieve success "Give me a lever and move towards the world" and a believer in the Law of Attraction .

Admiring the North of the Andean mountain range that beauty.

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A BIG warm welcome to Steemit! I am sure you are going to absolutely enjoy the Steemit platform.👍 Please let me know if I can be of future help with Steemit. I truly hope Steemit exceeds all your expectations!👍


Greetings I'm sure that through this way we can help us a hug.


You are very welcome. I have just followed you on steemit, so we can earn Steem together. Have a weekend 👍


I also followed you thanks, and so it will be good vibes and everything will be excellent


Happy Steeming!

Hola albert07! Welcome to Steemit from your favourite Astrologer!
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Dedicated horoscope for you

FriendsFriends: Complicated. It is good that you continue with this positive attitude, especially in moments and situations? not so good, because this way you help each other when you need it most.

loveLove: Complicated. You have been a few weeks a little difficult in the coexistence, you should consider a time to get some air and above all think, with time everything will be easier and the atmosphere will be more relaxed.


healthHealth: Complicated. It's not good for you to take things so seriously and excessively, because that will only lead you to stress more often and not have a certain emotional stability.

LuckyLuck: Complicated. Today you have put a lottery lottery game you have put a lot of trust in that lottery game to which, lately and for some years, you have been dedicating a good part of your savings. Be careful, because you can lose a lot of money.

WorkWork: Complicated. Don't forget to relax for at least a few minutes each morning on your morning break from work, because sometimes stress can be with you.

Bonitos perros, bienvenido a Stemit


Gracias Rafael saludos