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Hola aldemarruiz! Welcome to Steemit from your favourite Astrologer!
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This is a welcome gift to Steemit! The Steemit Horoscope is elaborated based on the position of the planets and constellations, so that we interpret how your registration in Steemit will affect the areas of Health, Money, Work, Friendship, Love and luck. We hope you enjoy it and that you will tell us if you have been successful in your case or not:)

Dedicated horoscope for you

You may need to cancel plans to meet with friends or partners because you have unexpected responsibilities.

FriendsFriends: Complicated. Sometimes you show that part of yourself that your partner does not like anything, you show yourself childish and capricious with what you want, you must mature and think that things are not achieved by just opening your mouth.



healthHealth: Complicated. Sometimes a chipped tooth can cause immense pain. Don't let that chopped tooth you've had for a long time go further and fill it up.

LuckyLuck: Complicated. Freedom is the name of the game for you

WorkWork: Complicated. Watch out for your coworkers, because they're not what they actually look like. Be a little suspicious of them, it will help you to know better who are truly sincere and who are not.

@aldemarruiz bienvenido a stemmit.

saludos desde colombia.