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Hello steemit's freinds, here is an excerpt from my autobiography.

I am a young woman of 30 years old, married and I had my little child 13 months ago.
I am of Amazigh origin from south east of Morocco, the city of Errachidia.


I grew up in the city of meknès, where I got my bac degree in Technical Accounting Management.
I have several diplomas as part of my graduate studies, obtained from different cities of Morocco, the most recent diploma I obtained is a master in Audit and Management Control.


I have several hobbies, that I exercise during my free time and even for a programmed duration, like the trip.
I love discovering the different corners of the world after visiting the intergrality of the adorable regions of Morocco.


I also like to knit, with different materials, the basic techniques I learned it from my mother.
I knitted this set on the picture when I was pregnant with my son.


To tinker for me is not a hard task, but a hobby that I exercise with love, and also every manual works.


Without forgetting, world gastronomy with its cultural and traditional differentiation, that I discover every time in order to try to succeed in it. I also practice endurance racing as a sport, and a planting sometimes.

So here is a part of me, the rest you will discover it through my posts.

And I want to thank a serious and honest person, my dear brother @redouanemez who invited us to join Steemit, me, my brother, my sister and my husband.

Happy to join the world of steemit, which allowed me to discover a new taste in my life, that I benefit a lot, and through which I can share my best moments as well as learning new information.


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Welcome to steemit

Me alegra verte en Steemit, Saludos.

You're welcome to steemit!
I really love the way you knit, you should make something for me!

Hello there. Cute glasses. Great fashion. Wonderful jacket for sure.

Hi @amalmez, you have made an impressive intro, I just put your intro reference in my post, if you like it then please upvote and follow me, otherwise please comment in that post, then i will remove your link.

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