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Steemit community,

Thank you for saving me from the algorithm-censorship hell and big brother surveillance of other platforms! I'm thrilled to finally move over and participate in the Steemit community. I write political and social commentary, freelance write in the marijuana and crypto industries, do art, and am learning permaculture (well, because you know - in case of an apocalypse).

I believe wholeheartedly that our national and global communities are standing at the precipice of a revolutionary paradigm shift. The archaic, oppressive systems built by the elite are being tested and eroded by communities of every day heroes, like those here at Steemit, forging new paths for freely sharing information and distributing transformational concepts and strategies. As corporate platforms continue to narrow what we see and how we express, platforms like Steemit will be the island and playground for mainstream refugees. I know I'll be in good company here.

Here's my obligatory real person picture:


Even though I'm just one girl, in a crazy big world, I'm glad to be alive with you during this time. History is unfolding and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Other randoms: I grew up a super awkward kid so I've never been comfortable getting compliments. I'm a single mom to one wonderful teenager. Vegetarian. Activist. Organizer. And even though I'm stubborn - I'm willing to change my opinion with new information which was something I had to really work on to develope. I love taking rural pictures and macro shots of nature. To me, life is never boring and therefore, I'm never bored.

Thank you for having me. Looking forward to getting to know you, too.


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Welcome to Steemit. I look forward to your posts! I post mostly photos and articles about cannabis if you’re looking for anyone to follow. 😎


Thank you, that's great! I will follow.


Thank you!

Welcome to steemit and i wish you all the best.
Feel free to check out my blog, this way we can support each other! :)


I will, for sure! Thank you

Welcome to the steemit community! Looking forward to following your work @araquex

Hey! Welcome to Steemit! This community is amazing but does take some getting use to since it’s a bit different than the other social media platforms.

I joined Steemit December 30th, 2017 and have had a blast networking, learning and earning (actually made some pretty good money so far)!

I'd suggest signing up for these free applications for Steemit that gets you upvotes and followers. The first thing you need to do as a new user is to increase your STEEM POWER (SP), which increases your visibility and voting power. These were a huge help for me.



Feel free to follow me @entrepreneur916, as I continue to post content to help make the Steemit community better and to help new members!

Respectfully yours,

Jacob A. Billett, M.B.A
CEO Billett Enterprises, Inc.


Thank you!