Late Night . A Beer. A little about me.

4년 전

What's up Steemit !?

What a time to be alive huh!?!
I just wanted to go ahead and reach the milestone of creating my first post on this on this gem of a site :)

I am a 25 year old just trying to put positive energy into this wonderful world. I am an EMT, a barber, and also work in ATM/Debit CardFraud (talk about variety being the spice of life) lol. I have recently become absolutely, and utterly obsessed with cryptocurrency. I started off a couple months ago, I was up 300%, then I was down 300%, and somewhere in between I fell in love (specifically with Litecoin) lol.


I'm from Boston so you already know where this is going . GO PATS !!! Tom Brady the GOAT B). lol, But no seriously I am a WICKEDDD HAHDD New England Sports fan, who loves nothing more in life than to watch TB12 throw a TD, especially around this time of year.



I'm extremely excited about being part of this community! I have only been in for a couple days and have already been inspired and motivated by many of you fellow Steemians out there ! I hope to continue to live, learn, and grow with you all as the Steemit community gains the well traction it deserves. With that being said, it's the weekend! Throw on your finest outfits, hit up your favorite places, and enjoy the long weekend.

-Peace and Love

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Go litecoin! I've been thinking about getting a physical litecoin coin, they look and serve their purpose so greatly in the cryptocurrency world.


Agreed !!

Hey welcome to steemit :D The community on this platform is absolutely amazing, and I hope you enjoy every second spent on it :)

Normally don't do this...but id really appreciate if you can vote for me, so i can win a competition. Can you vote for BitcoinRag on please? You must join the @publicaofficial telegram beforehand, for the vote to work. Thanks! :D ❤️

I upvoted :P

Well hello from Giants country down here on the Connecticut

One thing I guess we do agree on is Litecoin. When they added it the Coinbase in November, I bought it at $94, and then again on a dip at $88.

Even though it's off it's highs, LTC holds the $250 line well.

Anyway, I'd wish the Pats luck but the 13 point spread shows that they don't really need it. Stay warm and enjoy the divisional round this weekend.


Thanks ! Also, congrats on your profits B) hopefully you're still pushing gains.

I will absolutelypositively make sure that i enjoy this long divisional round weekend, hope you do the same.

Have a great night ! :)