IntroduceYourself - We're BadMorningNews, And We're Here To Make Your Day Worse!



So... ya might be wondering... why should I follow a dismal flame ball telling me how terrible everything is? That's a good question, and our researchers are running the most rigorous trials to reach that conclusion. For now though, here's why we chose to do this.

The person writing this post is @insanityisfree, and the show is also hosted by @anarchicwolf and MinarchCookbook (Twitter). I'm an angry anarchist, and a pessimistic cynical ne-er do well. Here's my #IntroduceYourself, and my first post on here. I see the world as a terrible place, getting worse because, among other things, the average person can't be arsed to even look at the cold, hard facts, much less keep looking once they do. People have been lulled into a trance by corporate media, convincing them everything will be fine, so long as they subscribe to one or more predefined narratives. Now, you probably already knew this, but there's a specific kind of corporate media which pervasively persuades you to simply go about your day, as though the world is not collapsing violently around you... which zooms out on the grim reality of life to such a degree that when you blur your eyes in front of it, and army of information is milling you into the ideal cog in this machine...

That insidious beast? It goes by a friendly name, and a name many have been disarmed to. Its name is...

Morning news.

With its soft, yellow couches, sunny window shots to a beautiful outside, human interest stories, puppies, kittens, candy, babies, and smiles all around, it's almost unbelievable that it runs on the same network which will later tell you about the latest police brutality case, bombing campaign, economic decline, disease, mass shooting, and worse. But that's what it's for. To get you seeing this grey world as bright and colorful, just in time for you to visit your corporate job, forgetting what your hard days work is likely being forced to contribute to.

I want to reverse this damage, open eyes, and keep you wired to blow. So I floated the idea around, looking for people willing to do the opposite of Morning News with me. To keep coverage and commentary focused on the dark, the negative, the absurd, and the bleak - to break your conditioning of the "everything is fine", bullshit, corporate propaganda... and to get you on a daily, focused regimen of bile, until we can all erode the system from our midst. We're almost 30 episodes in, about ready to simulcast to YouTube, DLive, and Facebook, and be the system-disrupting anti-morning news team those not zombified by the corporate elite deserve.

So no more distractions. Minimal fluff. The news and commentary impatient, angry people want, and the angles that will make people impatient and angry... with expansion potential to a possible 24 hour barrage of negativity... because "It's A Bad Morning Somewhere".

Want to get involved? Hit us up in Discord, on Twitter, on Facebook, and right here in the comments.

Join us - it's about to get bad.




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I'm looking forward to watching the show on dlive instead of YT. Building an audience on here will be way more profitable too!

You're doing "gods" work. LOL Anything that helps to break people out of their trance is great. Every person you deprogram is another person potentially saved from the huge train wreck coming in our near future.

Congratulations and continued success to you and the team!



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Print it out in a font that is easily read, and then save it in a safe place. Then go into your Wallet, and from there click on Permissions. There you will find your other keys. Make sure to click the little buttons beside the appropriate ones to get the private keys. I would back those up as well.

Per the advice given by @ Arcanage, you should only use your owner key to:

  1. Recover your account.
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  3. Give a present to your children a few minutes before dying.

If you click a link to a site that prompts you to log into it, be extra careful. Double and triple check the address to make sure it really is A recent scam was using "lsteemit" as the domain name, and people were entering their owner keys to log into it. That allowed the scammers to log into the user's accounts, empty the money from them, and then ruin their reputation by using the newly hacked accounts to further the scam.

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There are a lot of bots on Steemit. Some are useful and good, and others are not. If you see a cookie cutter reply, especially to your introduction post, it is almost certainly a bot. Check the account's reputation. If it is low, I would recommend just ignoring them. Everything is public on Steemit, so you can go look at an account's comments and replies. Are they all the same? It's a bot.

There's one good bot worth mentioning for new users. It is called GINAbot, and you use it through Discord to notify you of specific activity on Steemit that want to see. For example, GINAbot will tell you when a key phrase is used, when you or someone else is mentioned by account name, or even if someone deletes a comment. The bot is extremely powerful and free.

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I have mine set to look for phrases like "residential security" and "private investigator" as two examples. Then I never miss out on content related to those topics. It also makes engaging in those conversations much easier, and that builds your follower base.

Don't Lose Your Content

Make sure you are copying and pasting your post content often as you write it, and put the data into another document to avoid losing it. I'll copy and paste my content into a Google document as just one example. Some people use Markup editors to do the same.

Definitely keep a backup copy right before you post it too, for some people have come back the next day to see half or the entire post missing even though the day before it displayed correctly. Make sure you copy and backup your long replies as well, for they can vanish immediately after clicking to post them.

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Click on the teal "selecting them" text.

Once the image is uploaded, you can copy and paste the link created into your account settings. You can also use the same process to add images to the block chain to use later. For example my template for this post includes links to images I uploaded long ago, and I never have to upload them again (unless I want to change them).

The coding for posts can also be overwhelming at first. It's very hard to show the coding in a post or reply on Steemit, so, here's a link to a Google document I made to help:

Account Verification

Verifying your identity is very important because it will get you more support and people will trust you more.

The best way to verify is to link back to your Steemit account by using one of your other social media accounts. Some people will even post a video of themselves writing out their account information since that cannot be Photoshopped.

The more famous a person is and the more valuable their content is, the more important it is that they verify.


There are a ton of other websites to help you with Steemit. Here are some of the best ones for beginners: (This site is by @ drakos and has a ton of good information for new users to help them get started.) (This site is used to keep track of your voting power and other stats. You do not want to run out of voting power, and you only get so much per day. I keep my voting power around 80% for example. Also use it to look at the coding for other people's posts. If you see a formatting trick they use, you'll see the code for that trick within the post details on steemd.) (This site will tell you who follows you, who unfollows you, and who mutes you. It is great for meeting new people too. I regularly check it to see who has followed me and to see if I should follow them back.) (This site is the official chat webpage for Steemit. There are Discord channels too, but I usually stick to the official site. Come in to network and meet new friends. You can directly message people there too, so it makes it easier to communicate with your closest friends.) (This site is a comprehensive list of valuable tools.)

Graphics, Badges, Signature Blocks, and Banners

There are many skilled and talented graphic artists on Steemit. One of them is a good friend, @ grow-pro. He designed my signature gif, badges, divider lines, business cards, and more. If you are looking for a graphic artist to help improve your posting images and formatting, he offers low cost services here on Steemit. Look him up!


Again, welcome! If you have any questions about getting started, reply to this post.

Bad news is my forté lol upvoted,resteemed and followed.

Welcome to Steemit @badmorningnews!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Welcome to Steem @badmorningnews.

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All the Best!!!

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i'll give it a shot to see how bad the @badmorningnews could be :) I hope for some sarcasm also from here.

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Welcome to steemit @badmorningnews.

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Hello @badmorningnews
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