Introduction of myself: Self-improvement books and hiking in the mountains

3년 전

A week ago I thought Steemit was nothing but a SCAM. I created an account, tried to make a few bucks and then get rid of my account. How could money just go out? Where did the money come from? After a few days I found out that Steem is a fantastic platform. As I have gotten in love with this platform and intend to start blogging a bit I hope this introduction is a nice start.


Hello Steemit!


My name is Benjamin Svanberg, a automatician trainee based in Oslo, Norway. I started to get into cryptocurrency half a year ago after reading "Interned of money", by Andreas Antonopoulos. I suggest everybody who dont believe in cryptocurrency to read this book.

My interests are:

-Reading books
-Go hiking in the mountains

Why I got into steem

When I came to steem I was here and there, voted a lot, wrote fast comments and would believe that I would make big money. I quickly understood that steemit is not to place to "get money for free". While looking for how I could earn more, I found more and more quality posts. I found posts that were of a quality that I would not even expect from the big technology newspapers in Norway. That was when I realized the big potential of Steemit.

Quality posts arranged in a nice website without ads? Yeah! Perfect! I look forward to seeing more different posts in the future. I hope there will be more easy to follow custom tags in the future.

What I hope to contribute with

Mee and my friend @vetletj love to read books about self-awareness and economics. (among other things) As times go by and the stack of compleated books grows I feel like I get less and less from each book. (maybe 2% of each book sticks to my brain...) To think more about each book and its content I want to write reviews about them. I love to work with self-improvements and hope this wisdom is interesting for you as well!

I love to go hiking in the mountains as well as biking and hope to share some of my tours here on Steem. From April I will move to the forest and live in a tent while living a normal life for half a year. Please follow me if you want to get more information about this in the future! Do you think it is bad to share some of my old diaries as well? (for example I have a diary after a biking tour through Norway 3000km tour)

I need feedback!

I hope to get some feedback from you all! I hope steemit will be a platform where I can develop myself! All suggestion will only be upvoted. Do you think my grammar sucks? Do you have any idea how I can improve? Please tell me :)

Proof of myself

As written in the "how to write an introduction post", I will provide some verifications of myself below.

Sosial media
- Linkedin
- Facebook


Feel free to review my first post.

I would love to get some feedback. If it is shit, please just tell me and I will strive to improve. If you do not tell me I won't know ;) Go to my first post

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welcome to steemit @benleo

Wow. There is no reason not to follow you into your adventure. Steemit is exactly right for you. I hope to keep in contact and i think it is ok to share your old journal. I'm sure it will be motivating.

To an awesome New Year 2018


Thanks @mineopoly! I am working with my first review now, but I will use some time at each review as I want to develop myself in the process and not just produce and post :)

i think it is ok to share your old journal. I'm sure it will be motivating.

Thans for replying to my question. It is good to hear that someone thinkgs that would be allright at steem :)

Welcome to steemit. I kind of love self-help books so I'm sure I'd like to see some of your reviews. Kate


Thanks @kate-m! I am happy to hear you want to check out my reviews :) It won't be so often, but I hope to at least make one or two reviews each month!


Everyone at their own steem!

Hi @benleo, just wanted to say thanks for upvoting my first blog:

much appreciated.

Upvoted, resteemed & followed.


Hi @nicktravers!

Thanks for stopping by.

I am happy I can help welcoming others as well as the steemit community has been welcomming me :D

A big welcome to you @benleo , I loves reading books somuch too, especially those on entrepreneurship. I would definitely like to read your reviews, and can't wait to read on all the stuffs you'll be writing here. Awesome.

I just resteemed, followed and upvoted your post also,so that more people will see this post and support it too.

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And then check the comment section for the logo above, and then upvote the logo. My user name is @lucyc.

If you are good at designing logos, you can join the contest also. Thanks so much for your help.


Thanks @lucyc! I am happy to hear you want to check out my reviews :) It won't be so often, but I hope to at least make one or two reviews each month!

Amazing logo! I would have voted for that even if you had'nt asked me xD Vote is given! (a while ago, just a bit delayed reply :P )

Hey, @benleo What a beautiful country you live in, it is like our West in the U.S. Glad you found Steemit and crypto. Looking forward to hearing more from you, my friend! :)


Hello @evernoticethat. Thanks! It is so nice to see some people actually reading my posts :) I hope to go to the states more in the future, if I deside to go to the west, which states would you suggest?


California and Washington are nice. Alaska has parts that look like Norway. You also have the desert Southwest and The Grand Canyon in Arizona. There's alot to see!


Thanks for taking the time to tell me! I will look into it! I plan to go to USA this summer :)


I've yet to go to the states myself, but if it's anything remotely like India, in the sense of size and to perhaps a lesser extent the difference between areas/states/regions, it's too big to try and get round everything you'd like to do. I spent one month of a year trip in the south of India, and went away feeling that I only blinked t the place. I'm a bluesman, so for me it's the deep south, Mississippi, New Orleans etc, and then follow the trail up to Chicago. Also, being a street photographer I'd love to spend a couple of weeks, or preferably a month roaming the streets of New York. :)


Hehe yeah.

You should make a blog post about India! I would love to go there someday and would like to read experiences from other people from Europe who visited India. :D

I thought about the same when I went for interrail in Europe. I did the mistake of trying to see everything. It felt like I was going to one town, looked after the biggest creatures of that city and then went on. I have been wondering about how you master the skill of taking it chill at one place? :)

Hey Ben! Welcome to Steem! We're glad to have you here!

I am a Steem curator, and creator of the series "The Fresh 5" where I pick five new Steemians to share with my followers that they should know about. I have selected you as one of my five for today. Your post has been featured in my post you can find here: The Fresh 5.

I would encourage you to come over and visit my post and say hi in the comments to get to know some of the folks reading my daily digest. You are welcome to tell us more about yourself there and encourage my readers to come and check you out!

Have a great day! Looking forward to seeing more of you on the platform!!


Hello @mikepm74.

Thanks so much for sharing my post! I feel honored. I will check out your post, say hi, and write more about myself there. It is very nice of you to contribute with a fresh 5 series, I will follow and read many of them from now on.

Welcome :) Just found you post through and helped out a little by resteeming via @welcoming, my service where I share promising newcomers like you! Steem on!


Woaw, thanks @theaustrianguy! It is so nice to get so many replies to an introducing post! This went beyond my expectations :) I will make sure to follow @welcoming and help out to vote for other new users to give them as well a good start. No intention to be demanding or not grateful, but I think the resteeming did not go through? I can not not find my post at @welcoming? Would you mind resteeming it again? Thanks :)


This went beyond my expectations :)

How high were they? Right now, your post should be worth about 25 US-$ (The 4,4$ showed at the end are way to low due to the SBD price) :D

No intention to be demanding or not grateful, but I think the resteeming did not go through?

Showing me my mistake is not demanding ;) Must have missed the click, thx for showing!
Did it now ;)


How high were they?

Hehe, they werent high. I thought it would go to around 1 $ :D

Right now, your post should be worth about 25 US-$ (The 4,4$ showed at the end are way to low due to the SBD price) :D

I do not get how you could say my post is worth 25$? I do only have 8$ in rewards?... Is'nt the price showing at the bottom right?


Yes it is, but it is not calcualted right! Half of the 8$ are gonna be paid out in SBD - so you will get around 3,x SBD... One of those is woth over 10 US-$ at the moment ;)
May seem confusing, but your posts is way over 8 US-$, believe me! If you visit my profile tomorrow, I will make a short video explaining it!


Woaw cool! :D Thanks! I have followed you and will make sure to take a look at your post tomorrow! :D


Yeah, really cool :)
It will be a video via @dtube, but it will be posted in my blog :)


Thanks for resteeming, I saw it came through now :) :D

Nice to meet you, @benleo! Welcome to Steemit. You have joined a wonderful and supportive platform. I look forward to reading your posts. Upvoted, following and resteemed so that you get a little traction.


Thanks, @cecicastor! Very much appreciated :D It is lovely to see all the support steemit give to new users. I hope to help out welcoming new users as well.

hey @benleo!

Love your introduction to yourself! I look forward to seeing more from you! I appreciate the part where you stated:

'I feel like I get less and less from each book. (maybe 2% of each book sticks to my brain...) To think more about each book and its content I want to write reviews about them.'

This is something I can really empathise with and is why I am doing the same on my page! It really helps, so I would reconnmend doing it :)

Hope to connect again soon, Adam


Hey @eldergill!

Hey cool! A book club man! I have been wondering about what tag people place their book reviews at :D I am so excited to meet you. I did read your review of Tools of Titans, Tim Ferris, and I have to tell you that this seems like my type of books! I have just followed you and look forward to read more of your posts :)

Welcome to steemit. I'm new here too, visiting your linked post now :)


Thanks @metzli! :) I did read your story about the three years old. Very nice story thanks for sharing.

Not anymore, spanking, yelling, chastising, lecturing. Those things don't get you anywhere, they just cause discord and power struggles with our kids.

Upvoted :) Totally agree!

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